Vitacon VitaScan LT Bladder Scanner April 26 2016

Vitacon’s Bladder Scanner is a high-quality, low-cost alternative to scanners that point users in the direction of the bladder. Let’s take a closer look to find out why else it’s such an amazing product. A few terms used to describe the VitaScan LT Bladder Scanner from Vitacon are High-Tech, Simple to Operate & Intuitive, and Compatible (with Numerous Accessories). 


This real-time device features USB connectivity to off-the-shelf tablets, laptops and PCs. Therefore, the VitaScan LT provides limitless opportunities for connectivity, data storage, EMR integration and upgrades. This scanner offers high-quality images, too. 

Simple & Intuitive

The VitaScan LT Software is intuitive and simple to operate. The user controls the entire test from a button on the scanner or using a mouse or touchscreen. Features include ergonomic lightweight handheld design, one button controls, multi-plane scans from one position on the body and three scan depths (10cm for Children, 16cm for Adults and 23cm for Obese). 

Compatible With Numerous Accessories

 Dress up your bladder scanner! The VitaScan LT Bladder Scanner System includes the following products: the VitaScan LT Bladder Scanner; a Commercial Grade Tablet (Black); a VitaScan LT Rolling Medical Cart; and one bottle of Ultrasound Gel. The rolling cart from Vitacon is designed for use with the VitaScan LT Bladder Scanner. It has the following features: adjustable height (foot pedal); a Laptop Plate with Magnetic Mounting Strips; Scanner Probe Holder; Ultrasound Gel Holder; and Disinfectant Wipes Holder.

This scanner comes with a two-year warranty, as well. Combine these important features along with MonsterMed’s extremely low prices, and you have a winning combination.