Why Your Medical Office Needs a Barrier Free Exam Table? March 13 2014

Our customer service representatives hear it all the time…”I would like a quote on your cheapest exam table.”  And we fully understand why!  Most medical practices are functioning on a reduced budget while the changes in healthcare bring upon increased costs and reduced reimbursements.  And though there are less expensive options for exam tables, your office really does need a barrier free power exam table. 

If you don’t think you need a Barrier-Free Power Exam Table, or if you are reluctant to spend the extra dollars a Barrier free table costs, consider the following scenario.  Picture yourself as a disabled or obese patient, possibly in a wheelchair, on your way to your doctor’s appointment.  You park you vehicle in a handicapped parking spot near the front of the building.  You carefully get out and make your way to the office entrance by use of a ramp that heads to front office doors.  You press the blue handicap button to electronically open the door for you.  As you enter the office, you check in via the receptionist’s window that has been lowered purposely for your convenience.  Your name is called and you are weighed on a scale that has handrails to assist you.  Now you head down a hallway that has been constructed wider than normal to enable a wheelchair.  You may stop to use the bathroom and use a handicap accessible stall.  You enter the exam room…and suddenly and unexpectedly, you are now face-to-face with a 30” climb to get on the examination table.  You have been able to do everything on your own up to this point, but now you require the help of two or more people to simply get onto the table. 

Think about this for a moment.  How would this make you feel?  Would you continue to use this practice for your medical needs?  Midmark Barrier-Free Power Exam Tables

That’s where a Barrier-Free Power Exam Table comes in.  The table can be lowered to an incredible 18” from the ground which is the same height of most standard wheelchair seats.  Once the patient is on the table, it may then be raised to a maximum 37” height.  For this reason, many medical practices have chosen to add a Barrier-Free Power Exam Table to either one of two rooms, noting them as handicap accessible exam rooms, while some practices have decided to replace all existing tables with Barrier Free ones.

The Midmark Corporation, a leader in Healthcare Tables, has a few of the best options for Barrier-Free Tables.  Their most popular table is the Midmark Ritter 222 Barrier Free Power Exam Table which features power up and down, a 400 lb. Weight capacity and stylish upholstery options.  Its sister, the Midmark Ritter 223 Barrier-Free Power Exam Table features a power back rest. 

If your office does not have at least one handicap accessible exam room, you may risk  losing patient satisfaction.  Please consider this option for your office.