EMR Connected Medical Devices April 07 2014

EMR Connected Medical Devices 

In the first installment of this series, we revealed the ways an EMR could have a positive effect on your medical practice.  We also pointed out some of the benefits of utilizing an EMR to your medical practice such as the ability to perform various patient tests by use of connected medical devices. This week, we would like to take an in depth look at a few of these connected medical devices and talk about some that we feature here on MonsterMed.com.

Having connected medical devices could save you a lot of time when checking the vitals of a patient. Instead of taking all the readings and then typing them into your Midmark IQspiro SpiroemterEMR software, results are automatically transferred into the patients record file.  This can allow you more time to speak with the patient and focus more fully on what they are saying about their symptoms and pain level.  A connected vital signs solution, like the Midmark IQvitals, can test blood pressure, temperature, and SpO2, while you have your hands free and your focus on the patient. After the system performs its tests, the measurements are uploaded directly into the patient’s chart! Furthermore, the IQvitals can interface with Health-o-meter digital scales to help you keep track of patient weight.

Also in the Midmark connected device lineup are the IQspiro and IQecg.  The Midmark Iqspiro Spirometer allows the caregiver to perform a pulmonary function test, while the IQecg is used to perform an ECG test.  Both systems, like the IQvitals, are connected thus allowing results to be entered seamlessly into the patients digital record.  These tools can assist you in a more thorough evaluation of your patients’ health, especially when connected to an EMR solution. All this data in one place will make it much simpler to make an accurate diagnosis.

MonsterMed has the connected medical device that is right for you. Those listed above are just a sampling of the devices we have to offer. Let us help you get the equipment you need for your office. One of our highly trained customer service specialists can get you the answers to your questions, online or over the phone!