Spirometry in Primary Care with the Midmark IQSpiro May 12 2014

Everyone knows the usual procedure when you visit your primary care physician. You arrive 10-15 minutes early, sign in, and wait in the waiting room until they are ready for you.  Your name is called and you are first weighed on the scale.  The results are recorded in your chart and you are taken to an exam room.  In the exam room, a nurse meticulously takes your blood pressure, temperature, and pulse and records all the results in your chart.  You may also be asked to insert your finger into a pulse oximeter, testing your oxygen level.  Once your physician enters the room, he or she may talk with you for a bit, discussing any possible symptoms.  Lastly, he or she will listen to your breathing with a stethoscope.  Let’s go back and look at that process for a moment. 

Physicians and their staff take great care to quantitatively measure your weight and vital signs so that there is ample data should they need to make a diagnosis…but what about that stethoscope on your chest or back?  Listening to your breathing may be the one qualitative diagnostic done in the course of the exam.  By not having quantitative data to represent lung function, physicians may miss early signs of respiratory illness such as COPD and Asthma. 

But what is the reason your physician may not hook you up to a machine to measure your lung function?  Spirometry, the method by which this data is obtained, has traditionally been left up to the pulmonology specialist.  It traditionally requires specialized diagnostic machines and training to administer tests and interpret results.  These factors can be barriers to entry for many family or general physicians’ offices. 

The Midmark IQSpiro changes all that, because it was designed with primary care physicians in mind.  The IQSpiro was designed to be quick, accurate, and easy to use. Its lightweight, ergonomic body is designed to be held easily by any patient. Its incentive screens are designed to elicit proper tests from patients, giving them visual feedback. It provides the physician with quick, automatic interpretation of test results, so no significant special training is required.  It also seamlessly integrates with many EMR/EHR solutions, allowing for an even larger data set with which to make a diagnosis.  

With the Midmark IQSpiro Spirometer making it this easy, along with our MonsterMed.com low price, there is no better time than now to add spirometry to your office’s testing portfolio.