Just Wait Until you See the New Tuttnauer Autoclaves! October 23 2014

At a recent Healthcare Exposition, our Monstermed.com Products Team had the extreme pleasure of viewing the next generation of Table Top Autoclave Sterilizer systems, the Tuttnauer EZ9Plus Autoclave and Tuttnauer EZ11Plus Autoclave!  And we must admit, we left the exhibit both excited and extremely impressed with the system’s new features and a stylish appearance that we have never seen before! 

Below is a brief review of the items…

Tuttnauer, a pioneer in Autoclave Sterilizers, is well know for their infection control products which help practitioners stay compliant with today’s regulations.  In fall of 2014, Tuttnauer will launch their new line of Autoclave Sterilizers, the EZPlus Series!


The exciting features of Tuttnauer’s EZPlus line will be sure to assist users with increased workloads and office efficiency. The EZPlus features a newly designed, ergonomically friendly EZGlide self locking door, giving the user effortless opening and closing. A gentle push is all that is needed to close and lock the door. The systems will be available in a 9” and 11” chamber size, which is an increase from the current 9” and 10” of the EZ Series.  The EZPlus Autoclave Sterilizers also feature a Network Port for connection to a local network that will provide remote monitoring of the system, plus a USB port for easy transfer of cycle data to a flash drive. The EZPlus line will feature Closed Door Drying to ensure efficient drying. 

EZPlus Front Panel

The front access panel on the New EZPlus Autoclave Sterilizers has an innovative EZView multi-color display. The new bright LCD panel allows easy viewing, even from a distance, of real time information. Each stage of the sterilization cycle is shown as it is taking place. The new EZPad consists of 3 keys allowing the user to cycle through sterilization programs quickly and easily. 

EZPlus Programs

The EZPlus line is designed to meet current standards, ANSI/AAMI ST55.  They operate with four FDA cleared sterilization programs, plus two customizable programs.  

We at MonsterMed.com are extremely excited for the launch of this new line from Tuttnauer.  If you would like to be notified of updates and information released on the EZPlus series, please email us a sales@monstermed.com.