Midmark IQSpiro Digital Spirometer vs NDD EasyOne Plus Diagnostic Spirometer May 28 2014

It’s time for another Product Battle! This time we are pitting Midmark’s IQSpiro Digital Spirometer against NDD’s EasyOne Diagnostic Spirometer. Both of these units have a couple of tricks up their sleeves, so let’s get to it….Fight!!!


NDD EasyOne Plus Diagnostic Spirometer is far less expensive then the Midmark IQSpiro Digital Spirometer. Keep in mind, price does not always dictate a products quality. One thing that does stand out is NDD’s warranty. The EasyOne carries a three-year warranty vs the IQSpiro’s one-year warranty. Combine the length of the warranty with the unit price, and the NDD EasyOne Diagnostic Spirometer takes the price category, hands down! 


Midmark has a talent in the art of making their products look forever young. The Midmark IQSpiro Digital Spirometer has a sleek and vertical design. This vertical design is important because it also makes the Spirometer easier to use with one hand.  Because of the NDD EasyOne’s elongated horizontal design, one-handed use is not as easy as the Midmark iqSpiro.  The Aestetics category has to go to Midmark.


Now lets have some fun! The features of these two devices are where they really differentiate. While the function of Spirometers are basically the same for all devices, features make a huge difference in how the device is used.  To reduce cross contamination, the spirometer mouthpiece should not be touched once a patient has used it. The IQSpiro has a quick mouthpiece release to avoid contact with used mouthpieces.  The NDD EasyOne Diagnostic Spirometer offers more portability than the Midmark IQSpiro since it does not have to be connected to a PC for use.   Both devices have incentive programs for patients, making it easier to understand what they are suppose to do. This is especially useful for children.

These two landed some heavy blows to one another, but in the long run you cannot go wrong with either unit. If you are looking for a more inexpensive device that gives you a better warranty and is more portable, choose the NDD EasyOne Diagnostic Spirometer. For something that is more computer based with user friendly software,the Midmark IQSpiro Digital Spirometer is the device for you.