Thermometers: Yesterday Vs. Today August 21 2014

In this day and age, you are sure to have either had your temperature taken or taken  someone else’s.  As kids, we were used to the glass mercury thermometers that are not used today.  Today’s temperature is taken by a digital thermometer probe, which like the glass mercury ones of the past, is placed it under the tongue, (or elsewhere), and in a short amount of time, you have your digital reading.  Much more accurate, mush faster and more safe than the days of old.  Especially since we now know mercury can cause health hazards.  Welch Allyn SureTemp Plus Thermometer

In the Physician’s office, fast, accurate and safe readings are a must and digital thermometers are most prominent.  Digital thermometers have several advantages over traditional mercury thermometers.  Though digital thermometers can break, the breakage is much more safe that the traditional glass and mercury breakage.  Digital thermometers produce faster readings – as quick as 4 seconds with the Welch Allyn Suretemp Plus Thermometer – and their LCD screens are easy for you to read. Digital Thermometers are also much more sanitary and convenient than a mercury thermometer. Easy to use, like the Welch Allyn PRO 4000 Thermometer, simply attach a disposable probe cover, take the reading, and toss the cover when you are done. 

There are many digital thermometers on the market today.  If you are looking for the most convenience, and minimal invasiveness, an in-ear thermometer could be the solution for you. They have many of the benefits of a traditional digital thermometer, but in many cases can read faster, and are much less irritating to small children than a probe type thermometer.  Becoming more popular are the temporal type thermometers, like the Exergen TAT5000 Thermometer, that take a reading by simply placing the probe against the temple of the patients head. 

Whatever digital thermometer you use, you will find them to be a huge improvement over classic mercury thermometers, and your patients will too.