Power Procedure Tables and Chairs October 17 2014

The function of today’s medical office is constantly changing. Sure, checkups and appointments will always be happening, but that’s not all that goes on in a medical office. More and more medical offices are expanding the scope of the care that they offer. Where in the past a doctor might schedule a local surgical procedure in a hospital facility, modern medical technology allows such procedures to be performed in the alternate site exam room. There are many advantages for the patient, as it minimizes extra time spent having the procedure and also allows the procedure to be done in a more comfortable setting.  The question is: is your medical office prepared to offer this convenience to your patients? 

An important category of equipment that assists in in-office procedures is a quality procedure chair or table. There are many excellent options when it comes to choosing the procedure chair or table that is right for you. At MonsterMed, we definitely suggest a power procedure table for in-office procedures.  There are many options available, from the all encompassing and futuristic looking Midmark 630 Humanform Power Procedure Table, to the larger, barrier-free Ritter by Midmark 244 Bariatric Power Treatment Table. Optional foot controls make these tables a breeze to get into the proper position, and allow easy access to the surgical site. Features like articulating foot and head rests allow enhanced comfort for the patient and improved accessibility for the surgeon.  Adjustable height and table tilt allow the operator to place the patient in a position that enables the operator to work comfortably.

A Power Procedure Table is a versatile office must have that may allow an entire new in-office portfolio of treatment, improved patient comfort and streamlined office visit/procedure. With so many options to choose from, why not take a look and see which one could be right for you?