Product Battle: UMF 4000-650 Power Exam Table vs. Midmark Ritter 222/223 Power Exam Table November 20 2014

This week on the MonsterMed blog, we’re pitting two series of tables against each other in a vicious battle for power exam table supremacy. Similarly equipped, these tables are ready for all 3 rounds. At the end of this fight, you’ll be the judge and pick your champion. Are you ready for the nonstop action? Then let’s geeeeeettttt iiiiiiitttttt oooonnnnnnn!!!!!


For powered exam tables, both series come in at a very affordable price. That said, the UMF tables are between 1 and 2 thousand dollars more than the equivalent Midmark Ritter tables. While this difference may be acceptable, it is certainly a wide spread on. This round goes to the Midmark Ritter.


Let’s face it, these are exam tables we’re comparing, not pieces of art. While industrial design is important, functionality is the most desirable trait of medical equipment. That said, for exam tables, both series are very sharp looking! They both feature a contoured seat cushion and a low profile base. The even front and swept back of the UMF tables have a style yet unseen in the industry. On the whole, the UMF tables have a more sleek design with sweeping lines and curved surfaces, making them look a bit more modern. Points go to UMF for this round.


Both of these sets of tables come very well equipped with a wide variety of optional accessories.  The Midmark Ritter 222 compares very favorably to the UMF 4070-650 series, with manual backs, power height, pelvic tilt, and stirrups being standard equipment. Both feature very similar height adjustment ranges, with the Midmark Ritter 222’s range being just .5” larger. Both tables feature power controls and paper roll holders.  The UMF tables have programmable positions with return-to-home, which provides a slight edge that you’d anticipate with the sizeable price difference. The UMF 4040-650 series and Midmark Ritter 223 are also similarly equipped, with both tables adding power back adjustment to the party.  The UMF tables do feature some interesting infection control related technology, like optional antimicrobial paint, and one touch adjustable stirrups and base, but those are almost expected given the higher price tag. For features, especially considering price differences, this round is a tie. 

Whatever series table you choose, you will no doubt be satisfied with either UMF or Midmark Ritter’s quality of Power Exam Table.