What Color Nonin Vantage Pulse Oximeter Is Right For You? January 29 2015

The name Nonin is synonymous with high quality Pulse Oximeters as the Nonin Vantage Onyx II Finger Pulse Oximeter continues to be a product of choice among today's healthcare professionals.  A few years ago, companies began offering a wide variety of pulse oximeters that were mostly low price, but very low quality units.  At the time,  it was questionable whether Nonin would be able to weather the storm of new competition and sustain market share.  But now in 2015, Nonin's high quality product offer has allowed the company to maintain their name as a leader the pulse oximetry world.

Many years ago, our company lead with the Nonin Onyx 8500 as our Pulse Oximeter of choice.  The 8500 is a handheld unit that requires a separate probe to take a reading.  The probe simply plugs into the unit and then connects to the part of the body the probe is intended for (finger, ear, etc.) Though still used today, larger handheld units are clunky and the probes were often lost or damaged.Nonin Vantage Pulse Oximeter

In 1995, we are excited to learn of the world's first finger pulse oximeter that did not require a probe.  It was the Nonin 9500 Onyx Pulse Oximeter.  Named Onyx because of its black color, the unit was a immediate success.  Fun to demo and sell, it gave our sales team an exciting product to carry around (on neck lanyards provided by Nonin) and sales promotions and contests soon followed.

Many years later, the 9500 was upgraded to the 9550 Onyx II unit.  When this new product was launched, Nonin was sure not to just introduce an upgraded model, but the made sure to continue their innovative tradition.  A 9560 version of the Onyx II was also released as the world's first finger pulse oximeter with wireless bluetooth technology.

Though the models above are still available, the Nonin 9590 Vantage Pulse Oximeter is today's flagship product.  It carries the onyx legacy but is also offered in multiple colors.  Though a high percentage of our sales are in the traditional black, red, blue and purple tie for a strong second among our customers.  All four colors are always in stock and will ship quick.  Contact us today for more information.