Tales from Customer Service - Exam Tables Quickly February 05 2015

The following story is the first of a new article series focusing how our customer service exceeds customers expectations. This story focuses on exam tables, which because of their weight, are sometimes difficult to expedite…but not for us! Customers that choose to buy exam tables from “the other guys” do not get to see first hand what our service is all about. And when it comes to exam tables, for one reason or another, customers want them NOW! So when Gwen called us from a Medical Facility located in Connecticut and said she was in desperate need for Exam Tables, we were ready! 

Gwen called our Customer Service Representative John on a Wednesday and explained she needed three Midmark Ritter 204 Exam Tables ASAP to meet the grand opening of their new medical facility…which was in 5 days! Gwen explained that she had placed an order with another company two weeks prior, but they still had not shipped her tables. She had been informed it was going to be another week or so before the order shipped, plus another four business days for transit. After John helped Gwen stop freaking out, he explained that he would quickly get her a discounted quote, freight rate and an ETA for delivery.   

John immediately called our trucking logistics partner, who confirmed a price and said that they could get the tables to her on Monday, no problem. 

John quickly called Gwen back, providing a price that saved her money on the tables and a shipping quote that was also significantly lower than the other company, and a big YES, that he could get the three Midmark Ritter 204 Exam Tables that she wanted to her on Monday. Sounds like a happy ending, right? Not quite yet! 

Gwen then threw John a curve ball. She has misspoke and explained that the new office was set to open early Monday morning and the tables needed to be there Friday for set-up.   One and half days to have three tables delivered? John ended the call saying he had to confirm with his logistics partner that they could be delivered on Friday instead of Monday.

 John quickly called our logistics partner immediately since the time of the day was getting late, making it harder to meet Gwen’s deadline. John scratched and clawed until he had received confirmation that the tables would be delivered on Friday instead of Monday, but it was imperative that the tables leave our warehouse on that day.

 John quickly called Gwen back, explaining that he only had about a 1-hour window to have the order processed and shipped to meet the Friday delivery. Gwen, with a combination of disbelief and absolute joy, placed the order immediately over the phone. The best part, at that point, Gwen would have taken any table we had just to meet the deadline…we were even able to get her Moss color her office designer picked for the new office’s color scheme. Once off the phone, John personally ran, and we mean ran, to the warehouse, found our Shipping Manager and did not leave the office until he know the tables had been shipped.

John received a call from Gwen on Friday afternoon. Her boss had heard they may be a delay in the tables, but Gwen came through like an all-star with meeting the deadline. She sent our Company President a long hand written letter explaining her ordeal and how gracious she was for MonsterMed.

 What was unbelievable to Gwen was that John, like the rest of our customer service team, treat every order as if they are the most important. How John handled the order was not a special case, we do it all day, every day.

 As a nice follow up, Gwen not only buys all of her equipment from Monstermed, but also buys high spend, routine disposables used in her office. And the best part, she saved money as compared to the long time local rep that called on her. 

 This is the kind of personal attention that MonsterMed offers all of our. We will do everything in our power to make sure our customers get what they need, when they need it.