Product Battle: Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope vs. ADC Adscope Platinum Cardiology Stethoscope March 19 2015


Do we know how to pick em’ or do we know how to pick em’? The battle for Cardiology Stethoscope supremacy is more like a war. Top contenders have been brought together for this must read battle. We are throwing the ever-popular Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope and the sleek looking ADC Adscope Platinum Cardiology Stethoscope, into the ring. No more jawing, let’s rumble! 


Boom! The ADC Adscope Platinum Cardiology Stethoscope delivers the first devastating blow. With a significantly lower price, the ADC Adscope takes an early advantage. Gaining the early advantage in a battle like this can prove very useful later on. You will receive no argument from anyone on the winner for this category. 


So close in design, these two stethoscopes can only be separated in this category by their color options. Squeaking past their counterpart, the Littmann Master Cardiology offers a few more color options, which includes a sleek black finish head with an olive color tube. The Littmann Master Cardiology also features a short tube option. While the short tube offers no detectable difference in acoustical performance, some practitioners prefer either/or. These two options give the Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope the advantage in aesthetics. 


Similarities between these two stethoscopes are staggering, so let’s start there. Both Stethoscopes are pressure sensitive. The user simply presses lightly for low frequency sounds and more pressure for higher frequencies. This important feature removes the need for removing the chest-piece to turn it and gives the user complete control. The tubing on both stethoscopes will retain their shape and flexibility and is resistant to skin oils and other harmful liquids. Differences are subtle but there are some present. As mentioned above, the Master Cardiology offers a 22” short tube option. This option is strictly personal preference and has no bearing on the sound quality, but the option is not there with the ADC Adscope. In regards to warranty, the ADC Adscope offers a Lifetime Warranty that covers all parts, compared to the Littmann Master Cardiology offering 7 years. 

How can you choose a winner when two stethoscopes have so much to offer? The only differences lay with their Warranties, Colors and Lengths. Most of which can be considered personal preference. The most important characteristic about a stethoscope is quality of sound. Both of these units are leaders in that feature with years of experience. You cannot go wrong with either the Littmann Master Cardiology or ADC Adscope Platinum Cardiology Stethoscopes. Get yours today!