Time for Some Screening! May 29 2015

It’s that time of year when schools begin screening current and new students for vision and hearing. It’s also that time of year for schools to use up that access budget for new equipment. This gives educational health offices the perfect opportunity to invest in a Welch Allyn VS100 Vision Screener or an OAE Hearing Screener. Either of these units will make yearly screenings quick and easy, perfect for kids! 

Welch Allyn VS100 Vision Screener

This unit was recently demoed for MonsterMed at our semi-annual vendor conference. Our reps were given eye exams right at the Welch Allyn booth. (In fact, I have some issues with my eyes that I didn’t even know existed and could be the cause of my migraines-my official doctor’s appointment is next week). The VS100 Vision Screener has been far more popular then expected and the customer’s feedback once they use the system is even more proof. When we say that this unit is easy-to-use, we should actually be saying ridiculously easy-to-use. The operator points the VS100 at the patients face, clicks a button and seconds later they have a read out, notifying the tester of any issues. 

Welch Allyn OAE Hearing Screener

The new OAE Hearing Screener from Welch Allyn truly is the next generation of ear care. It can objectively screen for hearing loss in children from newborn to school-age in about 10 seconds. This fast and accurate testing is a must have for any school with a large population. Adding to the speed of the device, the 4-button operation makes the OAE Hearing Screener even easier to use then before. The last important feature that we are going to highlight is the 15 hours of run time on a single charge. Simply charge the unit overnight and run it for the entirety of the following workday! 

One or two nurses usually test the entire school within the span of 2-4 weeks. That’s a lot of work on top of their normal tasks. Why not make it easier for your staff and use that excess budget for a Welch Allyn VS100 Vision Screener and a Welch Allyn OAE Hearing Screener from MonsterMed?