What is an Integrated Diagnostic Wall Set? September 23 2015

So you are in your physician’s exam room for a routine check up. What do you see? You are most likely sitting on an exam table. In the corner we see the most dreaded of all exam room items…the weight scale. Hopefully you received good news when you stepped on that instrument of fear! On the counter top, we see sundry jars filled with cotton tipped applicators and alcohol preps. On the wall we see a few important items. Maybe a red sharps container for needle and syringe disposable, exam glove boxes in their wire brackets and, of course, the Integrated Diagnostic Wall Set.   

You may first ask…What the heck is an Integrated Diagnostic Wall Set? Simple…it’s a set of diagnostic tools that are integrated on a board that is wall mounted. Today’s most popular sets usually include some combination of blood pressure aneroid, thermometer, otoscope, ophthalmoscope, pulse oximeter, specula dispenser, thermometer cover dispenser. And the key word is ‘combination.’ This means that one customer may need only an otoscope and Blood Pressure system, while another customer may only need a pulse oximeter and ophthalmoscope. And guess what, wince they are integrated on the wall board, a customer can buy any configuration they need. 

Next you may ask…Why the heck is in on the wall? The answer is simple…space! You mean the vast vacuum home to the USS Enterprise and Millennium Falcon? No, not that space (but I wonder which one is faster?). We mean counter space.   Think about it. Over the years, the level of care has improved by the introduction of new measurement tools to healthcare professionals. And as physicians added these new items to their exam room, their amount of workable counter space has been reduced. Thus the need to have these measurement tools mounted to the wall.   

And ready for bells and whistles? Some Integrated Diagnostic Wall sets, like the Welch Allyn Connex Integrated Diagnostic Wall Set, are offered with an attached vital signs monitor, feature advanced touch screen controls, feature continuous monitoring for procedures, early warning alarms when a vital reading falls below normal levels, and the ability to communicate electronically to an Electronic Medical Record Software. Pretty cool, huh? 

Purchasing the configuration that best fits your needs may seem a bit tedious with the amount of options available so be sure to call MonsterMed’s customer support team for assistance.