ABI Dopplers October 27 2016

Dopplers create a moving picture of blood in blood vessels. In the past few years, a unique type of Doppler has hit the market that focuses on blood flow in the lower half of the body using an Ankle-Brachial Index Tests…or ABI. This test has become part of routine diagnosis and early diagnosis of Peripheral Arterial Disease, or PAD. 

Here at Monstermed.com, we offer a few ABI Dopplers, including the Huntleigh Dopplex Ability Automatic ABI System, the Summit Lifedop L250 ABI Handheld Doppler, the Summit Lifedop Vista ABI Doppler System, the Newman Medical ABI-300 Simple ABI Doppler System, and the Newman Medical ABI-400CL simple ABI Doppler System. The best price point for an ABI Doppler is around $2,500 which can be found in the Summit Lifesop L250 ABI Handheld Doppler and the Newman Medical ABI-300 Simple ABI Doppler Systems we offer.

Like all Summit Dopplers, the Lifedop L250 ABI Handheld Doppler, is durable and cost-effective while being highly accurate. The system features a large heart rate display, a sensitive 8 MHz bi-directional probe, two or four cuffs with aneroid, and simple ABI reference documents and video and measures systolic pressures for easy calculation of ABI and PAD and waveform scaling and printing.  

The Newman Medical ABI-300 Simple ABI Doppler System is a pc-based ABI system with "point & click" reporting directly to a computer. It is simple to use and easy to learn, making staff training quick and simple. Furthermore, automatic index calculations make the simple ABI system as easy as taking a blood pressure reading. The ABI-300 will print to most standard office printers or save and load directly to EMR.  

On the high end of the price scale, we offer a few systems in the $5000 range. The Huntleigh Dopplex Ability Automatic ABI System will decrease your ABI time by up to 75% with the push of a button! ABI's can be calculated accurately in 3 minutes without resting the patient and this extremely easy to use one button push technology will eliminate the need to long training sessions. The Dopplex Ability displays the results with pulse volume waveforms on the LDC panel. Test results can then be printed on either thermal or adhesive backed label paper via the integral printer. 

Another excellent ABI Doppler is the Summit Lifedop Vista ABI Doppler System. It performs single-level ABI Exams with an optional PPG probe for TBI (Toe-Brachial Index). It includes 4 blood pressure cuffs (2-10cm and 2-12cm) and a sensitive bi-directional 8 MHz probe for surface vessels, a display that features graphic waveforms with an easy-to-follow test sequence and fast, accurate and automatic cuff inflation/deflation with ABI calculations.

The Newman Medical ABI-400CL is an Automated System for ABI & TBI Testing. It features Cuff-Link Automation which has automatic inflation/deflation, automatic cuff selection and automatic calculation. It is a PC-Based ABI System that uses a "gold standard" 8MHz Doppler with easy "click & capture" PVR Waveforms. Each report can be customized with practice information and logo plus printing to any standard office printer or attach multiple formats to EMR. 

To learn more about these ABI Dopplers, check out their product pages on our website, or call a monstermed rep today. We’d be happy to help you find the doppler your office needs.