Product Battle: Midmark 223 Barrier-Free Power Exam Table vs. UMF ProGlide300 Power Exam Table July 25 2016

Welcome back readers to another exciting installment of Product Battle! Today's match squares up two Midmark Ritter Power Exam Tables: the 222 model and the 223 model, against the UMF ProGlide300 Power Exam Table. Let's ring the bell and see how these two challengers compare! 


It’s a close call when comparing the price of these two state-of-the-art tables. The UMF ProGlide300 Power Exam Table is slightly more expensive at a cost of just under $6000, while the Midmark Ritter 223 Power Exam Table costs just under $5,500. For a real deal, the Midmark Ritter 222 Power Exam Table costs just under $5,000! So, Midmark wins this round. 


Ooooh…ahhhhh!, just Look at the fine upholstered top on that Midmark Ritter Power Exam Table.   Not only is it firm and lush to allow for complete comfort for the patient, but it is offered in an assortment of captivating colors: Pebble Grey, Perfect Plum, Moss, Navy, Shadow, Dusty Blue, Clay and Black. And it’s barrier-free, so as the healthcare industry continues to change and caters more and more to the elderly, expectant mothers, and patients with disabilities being seen in offices, this table can continue to accommodate them. Plus, its low height of 18” allows for patients to get themselves out of the chair rather than requiring for the patient to be helped out of the chair. Is this chair not one of the greatest on the market?!? It’s definitely a contender in this aesthetics competition. But hold on to your hats, folks. It looks’ like the UMF ProGlide300 Power Exam Table comes out of nowhere with a knockout. Designed to optimize the patient and caregiver experience, the ProGlide300 helps protect your patients from infection, helps protect your facility from damage and helps protect your staff from injuries. The integrated central-locking wheelbase enables staff to easily move the table for cleaning. And it too comes in an assorted of beautiful colors: River Rock, Mocha, Sand Grey, Adobe, Sage, Midnight Blue, Steel Blue and Onyx. It’s comfortable, soft, and is offered with either manual back or power back. 


With the score tied 1-1, it all comes down to the features. The UMF ProGlide300 Power Exam Table features a 650 lb. weight capacity, hand and foot control, front storage drawer, 4 lateral position stirrups with adjustable length, pelvic tilt, drawer warmer and stainless steel drain pan. The Midmark Ritter 222/223 Power Exam Table is offered with two different tops: the soft touch stitch upholstery top or premium seamless upholstery top. These Midmark Ritter tables feature length with footrest extended: 76.7" (194.7 cm); height: minimum 18" (45.7 cm) maximum 37" (94.0 cm); patient weight capacity: 400 lbs (181.4 kg); a hidden paper roll holder: it holds 21" x 3.5" paper roll (53.3 x 8.9 cm); standard stirrups; and a standard drawer heater (35 watt). At the end of the day, these are ALL great features and it’s impossible to choose a winner! 

So… the winner overall is…A TIE!!! Both are designed with the patient in mind and either will do an excellent job of improving look and functionality in your office. Weigh the pros and cons and buy one today!