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Product Battle: Roche Coaguchek XS System vs. Coag-Sense System April 05 2016

Welcome back readers to another exciting installment of Product Battle! Today's match up squares two PT/INR monitoring systems against one another: The Roche CoaguCheck XS System and the Coag-Sense System. Let's see how these two challengers compare! 


The Coag-Sense PT/INR Monitoring System wins by a big margin with a price point just above $600, that is over $500 less expensive than the CoaguChek XS. The strips used in both machines don't even the playing field either. The Coag-Sense Strips sell for around $180 per box of 50 strips while the CoaguChek strips are over $230 for a box of 48 strips. Both systems offer starter kits at various price points but Coagu-Sense is still less expensive when comparing equivalent kits. Coagu-Sense is the round 1 winner! 


When it comes to Aesthetics, both units feature a simple, clean design. But the Roche CoaguChek takes this round! The Coaguchek shines with its attractive blue-and-white face, easy-to-use buttons, and light-weight design. Plus, the CoaguChek has an easy-to-read digital face that surpasses its Coagu-Sense equivalent.   


With a tied score and only a little time left on the clock, it all comes down to the features. And this one’s close! Both products measure blood-clotting time using the prothrombin time (PT) test and provide reliability in their readings. The Coag-Sense is more of a desktop unit, giving you the stationary feel and security of always knowing where it is, whereas the Roche Coaguchek XS is has more of a mobile feel giving you more flexibility in your practice. Both features have their own pros and cons, which are important depending on each practice’s individual needs. This back and forth battle has left the judges undecided in this category. 

And the winner is...A TIE!!! Both units are clearly designed with the user and patient in mind. The Coag-Sense might be more affordable in the long run, but the CoaguChek is more mobile which is important for many medical practices. The most important feature in this product category is usability and both products offer accuracy and speed when finding PR/INR results. Get one today!