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Halogen versus LED Lighting - Which to Choose? February 11 2015

Medical Lighting manufacturers continue to make amazing upgrades to their product lines, introducing new standards in technology. Products like the Midmark Ritter 250 LED Exam Light and the Welch Allyn Green Series 300 Exam Light have left their predecessor Halogen models for “Greener Pastures” in LED technology. Few models still exist that do not offer a LED version and we believe LED will soon replace Halogen as the industry standard. So what are the advantages to LED?

A large advantage to LED light rests in the heat emitted by the bulb. Halogen light burns bright but also produce a lot of heat. This is increasingly troublesome in the Medical Industry where light is used close to the skin. LED lights have low heat output, which makes them safer for Medical Professionals like OBGYN and Dermatologists.

Energy Consumption is an increasingly important factor today. It takes a lot of energy to produce the hot bright light that Halogen bulbs give off. LED uses a fraction of the power that Halogen uses. While the amount of energy an Exam Light will use probably isn’t enough to save big amounts of money, it is still a very important factor that could be a part of future (if not present) state regulations.

The life of the bulb is another very important, and sometime overlooked factor between the two types of lighting. LED bulbs last incredibly longer than Halogen which will save dollars in the long run.

Price is a huge benefit Halogen has over LED. Halogen is priced considerably less than LED making it a popular choice. For example, the Brewer 18100 Halogen Exam Light currently costs just under $200, as compares to Midmark’s 250 LED Exam Light which currently costs around $350. 

When purchasing any Medical Lighting product from MonsterMed, consider everything that you read in this post. While you might pay a little more upfront for an LED product, you will save in the long run. Plus, benefits like lower heat, better energy conservation and a longer life will save you money and improve patient comfort. And for today’s competitive medical Healthcare landscape, nothing is more important!



Product Battle: Midmark Ritter 253 LED Exam Light vs Welch Allyn Green Series IV Exam Light June 13 2014

Welcome fight fans…its time for another exciting product battle!  Today we have two awesome LED Exam Lights and only three categories to separate them. Who will come out on top in this Product Battle between the Midmark Ritter 253 LED Exam Light and the Welch Allyn Green Series Exam Light IV...Let’s see who comes out swinging!


All of our product battles have had a clear-cut winner in this category, until now! The Welch Allyn Green Series Exam Light IV is priced slightly less than the Midmark Ritter 253 LED Exam Light for the Wall/Table mounted option. Add a mobile stand, and the 253 LED Exam Light squeaks in by a slim margin. Either way you go, both units are within $50.00 of each-others price. Midmark Ritter 253 LED Exam Light vs Welch Allyn Green Series IV Exam Light


Usually when we get to the aesthetics of a product battle involving Midmark, they are always the clear winner.  But hold on folks, the Welch Allyn Green Series Exam Light IV may have just knocked them off their pedestal. Both units have a sleek and slender design specifically designed for the OBGYN and specialty applications. Their highly flexible necks make maneuverability easy and make hard to reach areas non-existent. The sleek black finish on the Welch Allyn Green Series Exam Light IV gives it the edge and the advantage going into the final category.


Both of these LED Exam Lights share one important feature, LED Illumination! LED lighting gives you cooler, brighter, whiter, cleaner and longer-lasting illumination. Plus LED lighting consumes approximately 67% less energy than other medical lighting, saving on energy costs. They also both feature a variety of mounting options to meet specific offices needs, including wall, table and mobile stand mounting. The controls for the Midmark Ritter 253 LED Exam Light are located on the head of the Exam Light, placing function right at your fingertips. The game-changer is in warranty. The Welch Allyn Green Series Exam Light IV carries a 5 year limited warranty versus the Midmark Ritter 253 LED Exam Light’s 1 year limited warranty.

The Conclusion

Both of these units will eventually pay for themselves with the savings in electrical costs. Either way you go, you are getting an LED Exam Light that produces cooler, brighter, whiter, cleaner and longer-lasting light making you and your patients the winners in this battle.