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Infection Control with the 3001KL Healthometer Scale May 23 2014


Infection Control is one of the hottest topics in Healthcare today.  Since viruses and bacteria may easily be spread from surface to surface, keeping hands clean by routine  hand washing with either an anti bacterial soap or a alcohol based hand sanitizer is very important.  This is especially important before, during and after a doctor’s appointment.

Think of all the surfaces you may touch during an appointment, from the door handle to enter the office, to the pen you use to sign in, to the exam table’s upholstery.  Because a large number of visits to an office are sick visits, most of the surfaces you come in contact with may carry germs. 

Most medical offices do a great job of disinfecting surfaces with a germicidal spray or wipe since disinfecting the surfaces patients regularly touch may lessen the chance of germs to spread.  One surface that may be overlooked is the rails or supports of the office scale.  Usually every patient is weighed prior to their appointment so the handrails of the scale may be touched repeatedly throughout the day.  With this in mind, Healthometer recently introduced their 3001KL scale.

The Healthometer 3001KL Scale is the world’s first and only professional scale with antimicrobial technology built right in. It’s the Healthometer platform scale you know and love, plus something extra. Featuring Dupont’s patented Alesta antimicrobial powder coating, the 3001KL can help keep one of the office’s most high traffic areas germ free. Silver ions embedded in the powder coating give it antimicrobial properties, greatly inhibiting the growth of viruses and bacteria, and also greatly inhibiting the transmission of those microbes from surface contact.

Complimenting the new antimicrobial coating, the 3001KL offers all the premium Healthometer features you are used to. Live Rails allow the patient to grip the rail for balance without affecting the medical scales reading. The low profile platform requires only a small step up, maximizing ease of use and platform stability. The transport handle and rugged wheels allow the scale to be moved wherever it is needed within the facility. EMR connectivity makes it easy to integrate into your EMR/EHR system, and the 1,000lb. capacity is the best in the industry. The Healthometer 3001KL is a great addition to or enhancement of a physician’s office, and it’s available at our MonsterMed low price!

Healthometer 3001KL Scale