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Welcome to, home of Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies at Monster Discounts! January 30 2014

Welcome to, home of Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies at Monster Discounts! 

Who are we? is one of the largest resellers of Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies on the internet today.  Our sales volume is backed by one of the largest independent medical wholesale distributors in the northeast.  In business since 1946, our parent company combines the traditional need of a high level of customer service with today’s technology and advances in logistics.

What are we?  We feel there have been more changes in healthcare in the last year than we have seen in the past decade.  And one result…healthcare Medical Equipmentprofessionals need to save time and money.  Our solution?  Simple, we decided to take the most popular items in healthcare today and offer them to you at Monster Discounts!  Medical Professionals from across the United States have found our pricing to be very competitive with that of their local sales reps.

How do we do it?  In the last nearly 70 years, we’ve learned a thing or two.  From shipping orders on time so customers receive them when expected, to buying in bulk from our manufacturing partners to achieve the lowest cost possible, to training our customer support staff so they can be as helpful as does not disappoint.  We understand how important it is to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers and we continuously strive for perfection.

How are we different?  In many ways.  First, we have one of the most experienced design teams working night and day on the look and feel of  Not to toot our own horn, but we have had a hard time finding another Medical Equipment sales site as attractive and easy to use as our own.  Today’s customer is no stranger to buying online and we want our customer’s buying experience to be no different than buying a Computer, Smart Phone, Video Game, or even a shirt online.  

Though look and feel are very important, prices are the key.  How do we address this, It’s simple…we are the lowest!  In the rare occasion that one of the “other wimpy guys” low balls a price, we will match it, or even beat it!  There is no small print with  Standard shipping is always free on all non-table items and our shipping charges on tables are very competitive. also offers discounted Group Purchasing Organization pricing discounts.  Are you a member of Premier, Amerinet, Novation, MedAssets, etc., no problem…we can access most pricing.

Speaking of tables, are you looking to add new tables or replace the antiques in your office? has developed a unique nationwide truck delivery network that will bring your tables into your office, set them up and even take the pallets and packaging away.  Any don’t be tricked by the other guys pricing...If they offer the same table for $10 less, they may be $100 more expensive on the shipping.    

What is to come? is growing everyday.  We add new products to our site based on popularity by our customers.  What are the most commonly purchased equipment items in a medical setting?  Autoclaves, Exam Tables, Power Tables, Otoscopes, Ophthalmoscopes, Vital Signs machines, EKGs, Spirometers are just a few of the categories we focus on.  But we won’t stop here…new products are being added daily to provide our customers the widest selection possible.  And we have not forgot about supplies…exam gloves, alcohol preps, tongue depressors…stay tuned!

We hope this introduction has provided you a good feel of our website, our company and our offering.  We Thank You for spending time with us and look forward to being your partner as we navigate this quickly changing healthcare environment together!  

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