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Product Battle: The Battle of Exam Room Packages August 20 2015

It’s a battle of the Exam Room Packages! Both are designed to save you time and money, but does one do those two things better than the other? There is only one way to find out…Let’s battle! 


Clinton clearly wins this round on pricing. At just under $2,500.00, the Clinton Ready Room saves you close to 10% off the standard online prices for each item separately. That means you save time not having to choose between four different side chairs, ten different stools, twenty different combinations of cabinets and so on and so on. It also means you save money by purchasing everything you need in one package. 


Midmark is the industry leader when it comes to design and aesthetics and they are the champs in round two. The Midmark Complete Exam Room Setup gives you more options than Clinton’s Ready Room in both upholstery and laminate colors making it easier to match your office interiors. Clinton Ready Room allows you to choose an upholstery color for the table, stool and chair only. While the Midmark Complete Exam Room Setup gives you the choice of upholstery color as well as cabinet laminate color. You can even choose different colors for each upholstery if you decide, which cannot be done with Clinton’s Ready Room. 


Let’s look at the packages as a whole to determine a winner. The Clinton Ready Room gives you one package, without substitution, that is perfect for remodeling or setting up a new exam room. The only decision to make is the color. This package focuses on quick, easy and inexpensive buying. Midmark’s Complete Setup provides more options including a basic exam room setup, a power exam room setup and a minor procedure room setup while offering more customizable options in color and design. 

This fight has gone the distance and now its up to the judges… 

DRAW! If you are looking for the fastest way to outfit your entire exam room the best value, Clinton Ready Room is the way to go. If you still want an easy way of filling your exam room, but would like a little more customization, look to Midmark Complete Exam Room Setup. Either way, contact MonsterMed Customer Service today for more information.