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Which Spirometer is best for your office? July 23 2015

As the stores begin to display their “back to school” supplies and prepare for the rush of eager children and parents, we at MonsterMed are preparing Pediatricians with the best supplies and equipment to perform annual physical exams. If your office does not perform pulmonary function testing during their physical exams, now is the time to start. If your office already is testing, then now is the time to upgrade your device. 

We at MonsterMed offer the best quality spirometers on the market today…devices like the Midmark Iqspiro PC Based Spirometer, the NDD EasyOne Diagnostic Spirometer and the Welch Allyn SpiroPerfect PC Based Spirometer. But how do you choose the unit that is best suited for you? Let’s take a play from our Product Battle Posts and compare these three units in Price, Aesthetics and Features.

Pricing plays a huge role in deciding what medical equipment is best for your office. At MonsterMed, we pride ourselves on keeping the prices as low as possible and the lowest online anywhere. If price is your largest factor in choosing a spirometer for your office, then look to the NDD EasyOne Plus Diagnostic Spirometer. Packages start at under $1,500.00 for a device that has an amazing track record.   NDD focuses their offering strictly on pulmonary devices, solidifying themselves as one of the leaders in the industry.


In an era where simplicity is king, the Welch Allyn SpiroPerfect PC Based Spirometer is as simple as they come. The unit looks like a USB flash drive with a cord and a mouthpiece attached, making it an ideal device for space conscious offices.   The small and simple design keeps kids calm and comfortable. Welch Allyn has mastered design with the simplest approach, making it the device for Aesthetics focused customers. 

While price and aesthetics are import to some, features are important to others. The Midmark Iqspiro PC Based Spirometer has been molded, shaped and polished with the device operator and patient in mind. Lightweight and portable, the Midmark Iqspiro can be brought from room to room with ease. The incentive screen engages children with fun activities to keep their focus and practitioners can easily dispose of the mouthpiece without ever touching it, saving time and money by not needing exam gloves. 

Any one of these three units will be a win for your office…but the real winner is your patient. They will have a pulmonary test done during their annual physical exam, which can detect issues that would otherwise have gone unnoticed and treated.   Still need help deciding which unit is best for you? Give MonsterMed a call so we can help!  








Spotlight Vendor - Midmark July 10 2015

The Midmark Company’s stylish and affordable line of products continues to improve healthcare, as they have for the last 100 years! That’s right, they are celebrating 100 years in business right now with their portfolio of products that includes Procedure and Exam Tables, Medical Casework, Diagnostic Equipment, Procedure and Exam Lights, Sterilization Equipment, and much more. The Midmark Ritter 204 Manual Exam Table has become a staple in today’s exam room, while their line of cardiology products, including the IQecg Electrocardiograph and Iqspiro Digital Spirometer, has quickly become a favorite among cardiology specialists. 

The Midmark story began in 1915 with the Cummings Machine Company, a manufacturer of concrete mixers owned by E.C Cummings. By 1925, after acquisitions and changes on the board of directors, Industrial Equipment Company was born. In 1967, four medical products with blueprints were purchased, paving their entrance in the medical market. Moving the company to Versailles Ohio in 1969 and reinventing the company, dawned a new identity, Midmark. Since then, the company continues to thrive as an innovator in Medical technologies. 

Then, in the early 2000’s, Midmark put their innovative spin on the Brentwood line of Cariology products distinguishing them as not just another table manufacturer. The IQecg Electrocardiograph, the Iqspiro Digital Spirometer and Iqvitals Vital Signs Monitor were all designed to improve office workflow and patient comfort and when improving onteh Brentwood design, Midmark’s design team spoke with the doctors, nurses and technicians that use these devices to see what they wanted. This “listening to the customer” approach helped to upgrade the already popular Iqmark series to the products popular today. 

Now in 2015, they continue to innovate and re-invent their product base. The release of the 630 HumanForm Power Procedures Table proves just that, offering natural movement that complements the human body like no other table on the market today. Key improvements were made to create the HumanForm Procedure Table including Motion Profiling, Active Sensing Technology and a Premium Comfort System. 

Midmark continues to innovate and improve their products. Check out MonsterMed for great prices on Midmark’s line of Medical Equipment.



We LOVE our Customer Reviews! June 05 2015

We would like to take a moment to share a few of the excellent reviews our customers have left on our site. We never tire hearing how much customers love our products and service. Here are just a few reviews that we can’t stop reading.



Great Product and Company

James Madira M.D. on Jun 05, 2015 for Midmark IQecg Digital ECG

When my office manager suggested that we purchase a new ECG, I knew the company to call. I purchased the IQspiro from Monstermed previously, so I knew that they would not disappoint me. Sure enough, 15 minutes after my purchase, I had my UPS tracking information. Now I have a Midmark Spirometer and ECG that use the same software and communicate with our computer system flawlessly. Forever a customer - James

Fast Shipping

James Madira M.D. on May 11, 2015 for Midmark IQSpiro Digital Spirometer

I ordered this unit because the price was the lowest I found. My local dealer would not even come close to this price. 10 minutes after I placed the order, I received an email with the tracking information. Unbelievable!

Wonderful Product

Vince on Jun 30, 2014 for DinoLite Digital Earscope Otoscope

Other Digital Otoscopes are around $500, but for a little less than $300 I found this one. The picture is clear and being able to show the patients what I am looking at makes it much easier to explain. It is a nice buy!

Satisfied Customer

Mckenna R on Jun 12, 2014 for Midmark 204 Exam Table

I could not believe the price MonsterMed offered on the 204 Exam Table. It was $400 lower than my local supplier! The delivery company was very professional and did everything I needed them to do as well. #SatisfiedCustomer

That was just a handful of our favorites. Thank you to everyone that leaves feedback and reviews. Who knows, maybe someday your review will show in a Blog post like this.



2015 Midmark Procedures Table and Diagnostics Promotion March 05 2015

After a terrific year in 2014, Midmark Corporation is starting 2015 off with a bang!   Midmark rolled out their Procedures Table promotion a month early and included a couple of Diagnostic products as well. There is no telling what other Midmark promotions will be available throughout the year so now may be the best time to buy!   

From February 2, 2015 through May 29, 2015, Midmark is offering the following end user rebates for select Procedures Tables: 

Midmark 630 HumanForm Procedures Table - $750 Rebate from Midmark

The 630 HumanForm Procedures Table offers true natural movements that compliment the human body. By positioning patients in more natural positions, the physician gets a clearer view of the surgical area. 

Midmark 641 Procedures Chair - $750 Rebate from Midmark

The 641 Procedures Chair gives versatile positioning with increased patient comfort.

Midmark 647 Podiatry Procedures Chair$300 Rebate from Midmark

The 647 Podiatry Procedures Chair offers a full range of movement including power height with a large foot section, perfect for podiatry procedures.

Midmark 646 Podiatry Procedures Chair - $200 Rebate from Midmark

The 647 Podiatry Procedures Chair gives you a fixed height of 21” and a large foot section, perfect for podiatry procedures.

 Midmark 230 Procedures Table - $300 Rebate from Midmark

The 230 Procedures Table is universal for both examinations and procedures. Perfect for the office that is limited in space.


As a bonus, Midmark has included some select Diagnostic products to this promotion.

Midmark Iqspiro Digital Spirometer - 200 Rebate from Midmark

The Iqspiro Digital Spirometer focuses on speed, accuracy and simplicity making it a cost-effective diagnostic tool for any office setting.

Midmark Iqvitals Vital Signs Monitor - $300 Rebate from Midmark with SpO2 or $200 Rebate from Midmark without SpO2

The Iqvitals is an affordable, touch-screen, portable Vital Signs Monitor that is easy to use.

Midmark Iqvitals PC Digital Vital Signs Monitor - $300 Rebate from Midmark with SpO2 or $200 Rebate from Midmark without SpO2

The Iqvitals PC is perfect for the fully digital office without the added cost of an expensive touch-screen or digital display.

This promotion from Midmark is valid for purchases between February 2, 2015 to May 29, 2015. For more information about this promotion, click here. Take advantage of this offer before it is to late.

Pulmonary Function Tests with a Midmark IQspiro Digital Spirometer November 25 2014

A Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) is a respiratory screening test should be done in every office for every patient exam. The test is quick, easy to perform and can be helpful to detect current or possible respiratory problems. Performing these tests in your office will certainly improve your care offering and patient satisfaction. Plus pulmonary function tests are usually reimbursable by most insurance companies but always check with your local insurance companies for exact coverage.

When Midmark upgraded their original Iqmark spirometer to the next generation Midmark IQspiro system, one of the biggest improvements was the sleek, enhanced design. The IQspiro greatly improved pulmonary function test speed, accuracy and simplicity, three of the most important factors to healthcare professionals.

For starters, the IQspiro only weighs 9 oz and fits in the palm of your hand, giving you blazing speed without restrictions. Detailed test results, with auto-interpretation, are quickly relayed back to the operator, along with accurate diagnosis. Pediatric incentive screens help young test takers understand what they are supposed to do, while also letting them have fun and accomplish a goal. This allows the medical professional to spend less time explaining, and more time focusing on the patient. The quick release mouthpieces allow the user to dispose of the used mouthpiece without touching it addressing concerns of cross contamination. Add to that the IQspiro Digital Spirometer’s seamless integration with most EMR/EHR systems for readouts and reports, so patient records can be easily accessed and stored.

Midmark IQSpiro Digital Spirometer vs NDD EasyOne Plus Diagnostic Spirometer May 28 2014

It’s time for another Product Battle! This time we are pitting Midmark’s IQSpiro Digital Spirometer against NDD’s EasyOne Diagnostic Spirometer. Both of these units have a couple of tricks up their sleeves, so let’s get to it….Fight!!!


NDD EasyOne Plus Diagnostic Spirometer is far less expensive then the Midmark IQSpiro Digital Spirometer. Keep in mind, price does not always dictate a products quality. One thing that does stand out is NDD’s warranty. The EasyOne carries a three-year warranty vs the IQSpiro’s one-year warranty. Combine the length of the warranty with the unit price, and the NDD EasyOne Diagnostic Spirometer takes the price category, hands down! 


Midmark has a talent in the art of making their products look forever young. The Midmark IQSpiro Digital Spirometer has a sleek and vertical design. This vertical design is important because it also makes the Spirometer easier to use with one hand.  Because of the NDD EasyOne’s elongated horizontal design, one-handed use is not as easy as the Midmark iqSpiro.  The Aestetics category has to go to Midmark.


Now lets have some fun! The features of these two devices are where they really differentiate. While the function of Spirometers are basically the same for all devices, features make a huge difference in how the device is used.  To reduce cross contamination, the spirometer mouthpiece should not be touched once a patient has used it. The IQSpiro has a quick mouthpiece release to avoid contact with used mouthpieces.  The NDD EasyOne Diagnostic Spirometer offers more portability than the Midmark IQSpiro since it does not have to be connected to a PC for use.   Both devices have incentive programs for patients, making it easier to understand what they are suppose to do. This is especially useful for children.

These two landed some heavy blows to one another, but in the long run you cannot go wrong with either unit. If you are looking for a more inexpensive device that gives you a better warranty and is more portable, choose the NDD EasyOne Diagnostic Spirometer. For something that is more computer based with user friendly software,the Midmark IQSpiro Digital Spirometer is the device for you.

Spirometry in Primary Care with the Midmark IQSpiro May 12 2014

Everyone knows the usual procedure when you visit your primary care physician. You arrive 10-15 minutes early, sign in, and wait in the waiting room until they are ready for you.  Your name is called and you are first weighed on the scale.  The results are recorded in your chart and you are taken to an exam room.  In the exam room, a nurse meticulously takes your blood pressure, temperature, and pulse and records all the results in your chart.  You may also be asked to insert your finger into a pulse oximeter, testing your oxygen level.  Once your physician enters the room, he or she may talk with you for a bit, discussing any possible symptoms.  Lastly, he or she will listen to your breathing with a stethoscope.  Let’s go back and look at that process for a moment. 

Physicians and their staff take great care to quantitatively measure your weight and vital signs so that there is ample data should they need to make a diagnosis…but what about that stethoscope on your chest or back?  Listening to your breathing may be the one qualitative diagnostic done in the course of the exam.  By not having quantitative data to represent lung function, physicians may miss early signs of respiratory illness such as COPD and Asthma. 

But what is the reason your physician may not hook you up to a machine to measure your lung function?  Spirometry, the method by which this data is obtained, has traditionally been left up to the pulmonology specialist.  It traditionally requires specialized diagnostic machines and training to administer tests and interpret results.  These factors can be barriers to entry for many family or general physicians’ offices. 

The Midmark IQSpiro changes all that, because it was designed with primary care physicians in mind.  The IQSpiro was designed to be quick, accurate, and easy to use. Its lightweight, ergonomic body is designed to be held easily by any patient. Its incentive screens are designed to elicit proper tests from patients, giving them visual feedback. It provides the physician with quick, automatic interpretation of test results, so no significant special training is required.  It also seamlessly integrates with many EMR/EHR solutions, allowing for an even larger data set with which to make a diagnosis.  

With the Midmark IQSpiro Spirometer making it this easy, along with our low price, there is no better time than now to add spirometry to your office’s testing portfolio.

EMR Connected Medical Devices April 07 2014

EMR Connected Medical Devices 

In the first installment of this series, we revealed the ways an EMR could have a positive effect on your medical practice.  We also pointed out some of the benefits of utilizing an EMR to your medical practice such as the ability to perform various patient tests by use of connected medical devices. This week, we would like to take an in depth look at a few of these connected medical devices and talk about some that we feature here on

Having connected medical devices could save you a lot of time when checking the vitals of a patient. Instead of taking all the readings and then typing them into your Midmark IQspiro SpiroemterEMR software, results are automatically transferred into the patients record file.  This can allow you more time to speak with the patient and focus more fully on what they are saying about their symptoms and pain level.  A connected vital signs solution, like the Midmark IQvitals, can test blood pressure, temperature, and SpO2, while you have your hands free and your focus on the patient. After the system performs its tests, the measurements are uploaded directly into the patient’s chart! Furthermore, the IQvitals can interface with Health-o-meter digital scales to help you keep track of patient weight.

Also in the Midmark connected device lineup are the IQspiro and IQecg.  The Midmark Iqspiro Spirometer allows the caregiver to perform a pulmonary function test, while the IQecg is used to perform an ECG test.  Both systems, like the IQvitals, are connected thus allowing results to be entered seamlessly into the patients digital record.  These tools can assist you in a more thorough evaluation of your patients’ health, especially when connected to an EMR solution. All this data in one place will make it much simpler to make an accurate diagnosis.

MonsterMed has the connected medical device that is right for you. Those listed above are just a sampling of the devices we have to offer. Let us help you get the equipment you need for your office. One of our highly trained customer service specialists can get you the answers to your questions, online or over the phone!

Welcome to the Digital Medical Office March 28 2014

Welcome to the Digital Medical Office of the Future!

It’s 2014 and we are in an information golden age, where everything is connected and seemingly all of the world’s information is only a few keystrokes away. The copier in your office likely connects to the internet to send an email or e-fax. The locks and alarms in the office connect to your security provider over an internet connection.  The office's computer may be used to assist in the diagnosis of a patient by accessing online references and checking their symptoms against known diagnoses.  And this is just the beginning! 

If your practice is already benefiting by digital connectivity, it makes sense to further leverage this connectivity to make your day to day tasks simpler? You have probably heard of, and you might even be utilizing, electronic medical records (EMR). For those not familiar, electronic medical records are digital versions of paper charts that contain all of a patient’s medical history from one practice. Having patient’s medical history stored digitally allows for quick access to patient records on several connected devices, like a tablet, office computer or smartphone.  Midmark IQecg Digital ECG

This connectivity ability works both ways.  Not only can you access information quickly, you can also input information quickly. Plus, there are many diagnostic devices with connectivity options that can automatically send test results into an EMR system. Devices like the Midmark IQecg Digital ECG System or the Midmark IQspiro Digital Spirometer System integrate into most of today's most widely utilized EMR systems. So now, you and your staff can check-in a patient, review their digital chart, take their vitals and have the information uploaded instantaneously to their chart, all from the same office computer. This can offer a significant time savings, gives you more time with the patient, and streamline your record keeping.

For many practices, an EMR can be an excellent solution for record keeping issues. For offices already using EMR, connected devices can further streamline patient reception and screening. For more information regarding EMR, check out