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Spotlight Vendor - Midmark July 10 2015

The Midmark Company’s stylish and affordable line of products continues to improve healthcare, as they have for the last 100 years! That’s right, they are celebrating 100 years in business right now with their portfolio of products that includes Procedure and Exam Tables, Medical Casework, Diagnostic Equipment, Procedure and Exam Lights, Sterilization Equipment, and much more. The Midmark Ritter 204 Manual Exam Table has become a staple in today’s exam room, while their line of cardiology products, including the IQecg Electrocardiograph and Iqspiro Digital Spirometer, has quickly become a favorite among cardiology specialists. 

The Midmark story began in 1915 with the Cummings Machine Company, a manufacturer of concrete mixers owned by E.C Cummings. By 1925, after acquisitions and changes on the board of directors, Industrial Equipment Company was born. In 1967, four medical products with blueprints were purchased, paving their entrance in the medical market. Moving the company to Versailles Ohio in 1969 and reinventing the company, dawned a new identity, Midmark. Since then, the company continues to thrive as an innovator in Medical technologies. 

Then, in the early 2000’s, Midmark put their innovative spin on the Brentwood line of Cariology products distinguishing them as not just another table manufacturer. The IQecg Electrocardiograph, the Iqspiro Digital Spirometer and Iqvitals Vital Signs Monitor were all designed to improve office workflow and patient comfort and when improving onteh Brentwood design, Midmark’s design team spoke with the doctors, nurses and technicians that use these devices to see what they wanted. This “listening to the customer” approach helped to upgrade the already popular Iqmark series to the products popular today. 

Now in 2015, they continue to innovate and re-invent their product base. The release of the 630 HumanForm Power Procedures Table proves just that, offering natural movement that complements the human body like no other table on the market today. Key improvements were made to create the HumanForm Procedure Table including Motion Profiling, Active Sensing Technology and a Premium Comfort System. 

Midmark continues to innovate and improve their products. Check out MonsterMed for great prices on Midmark’s line of Medical Equipment.



2015 Midmark Procedures Table and Diagnostics Promotion March 05 2015

After a terrific year in 2014, Midmark Corporation is starting 2015 off with a bang!   Midmark rolled out their Procedures Table promotion a month early and included a couple of Diagnostic products as well. There is no telling what other Midmark promotions will be available throughout the year so now may be the best time to buy!   

From February 2, 2015 through May 29, 2015, Midmark is offering the following end user rebates for select Procedures Tables: 

Midmark 630 HumanForm Procedures Table - $750 Rebate from Midmark

The 630 HumanForm Procedures Table offers true natural movements that compliment the human body. By positioning patients in more natural positions, the physician gets a clearer view of the surgical area. 

Midmark 641 Procedures Chair - $750 Rebate from Midmark

The 641 Procedures Chair gives versatile positioning with increased patient comfort.

Midmark 647 Podiatry Procedures Chair$300 Rebate from Midmark

The 647 Podiatry Procedures Chair offers a full range of movement including power height with a large foot section, perfect for podiatry procedures.

Midmark 646 Podiatry Procedures Chair - $200 Rebate from Midmark

The 647 Podiatry Procedures Chair gives you a fixed height of 21” and a large foot section, perfect for podiatry procedures.

 Midmark 230 Procedures Table - $300 Rebate from Midmark

The 230 Procedures Table is universal for both examinations and procedures. Perfect for the office that is limited in space.


As a bonus, Midmark has included some select Diagnostic products to this promotion.

Midmark Iqspiro Digital Spirometer - 200 Rebate from Midmark

The Iqspiro Digital Spirometer focuses on speed, accuracy and simplicity making it a cost-effective diagnostic tool for any office setting.

Midmark Iqvitals Vital Signs Monitor - $300 Rebate from Midmark with SpO2 or $200 Rebate from Midmark without SpO2

The Iqvitals is an affordable, touch-screen, portable Vital Signs Monitor that is easy to use.

Midmark Iqvitals PC Digital Vital Signs Monitor - $300 Rebate from Midmark with SpO2 or $200 Rebate from Midmark without SpO2

The Iqvitals PC is perfect for the fully digital office without the added cost of an expensive touch-screen or digital display.

This promotion from Midmark is valid for purchases between February 2, 2015 to May 29, 2015. For more information about this promotion, click here. Take advantage of this offer before it is to late.

Smartphones in TeleMedicine April 24 2014

Telemedicine, the practice of remotely conferencing with a physician over electronic communications, is becoming extremely popular. The benefits are many, such as not having to leave the house, getting instant treatment, and always having treatment available. The biggest issue facing telemedicine is not having enough patient data to make a diagnosis. Sure, connected medical devices are becoming more and more popular, but a Midmark iqVitals is not going to show up in too many American homes any time soon! The solution to this issue is to use a device that people do have common access to, and extend it so that it can serve the purpose of the equipment needed. The logical choice of device to fit this role, for many Americans, is the smartphone.

The concept of a smartphone powered doctor’s appointment isn’t all that far off. It sounds far-fetched, but there are people out there working towards this goal, and the things they are coming up with are downright fascinating.Midmark iqVitals

For instance, StethIO can record a patient’s heartbeat, using a special attachment that directs sound from a diaphragm to a smartphone’s microphone. The data is interpreted by a companion app, which can make a visual representation of the sound for a telemedicine provider to interpret. The AliveCor is a similar device that can also take a full ECG. The Withings BP Monitor is a blood pressure cuff that interfaces with your phone via Bluetooth, that can automatically take your blood pressure reading, and interpret it using a companion app. It can even send that info off to your telemedicine provider. The Cellscope is an attachment for your smartphone that turns your phone camera into an otoscope that can take pictures of the ear canal, then may be sent to your doctor.

There are also attachments that are more specialized. For instance, ophthalmologists are already using the Welch Allyn iExaminer, which is an iPhone attachment that when paired with the Welch Allyn PanOptic Ophthalmoscope, allows you to take and send pictures of the patients eye directly from your phone.

With technology advancing as fast as it is, TeleMedicine is becoming more popular and more and more smartphones are making their way into medical practices across the country.

EMR Connected Medical Devices April 07 2014

EMR Connected Medical Devices 

In the first installment of this series, we revealed the ways an EMR could have a positive effect on your medical practice.  We also pointed out some of the benefits of utilizing an EMR to your medical practice such as the ability to perform various patient tests by use of connected medical devices. This week, we would like to take an in depth look at a few of these connected medical devices and talk about some that we feature here on

Having connected medical devices could save you a lot of time when checking the vitals of a patient. Instead of taking all the readings and then typing them into your Midmark IQspiro SpiroemterEMR software, results are automatically transferred into the patients record file.  This can allow you more time to speak with the patient and focus more fully on what they are saying about their symptoms and pain level.  A connected vital signs solution, like the Midmark IQvitals, can test blood pressure, temperature, and SpO2, while you have your hands free and your focus on the patient. After the system performs its tests, the measurements are uploaded directly into the patient’s chart! Furthermore, the IQvitals can interface with Health-o-meter digital scales to help you keep track of patient weight.

Also in the Midmark connected device lineup are the IQspiro and IQecg.  The Midmark Iqspiro Spirometer allows the caregiver to perform a pulmonary function test, while the IQecg is used to perform an ECG test.  Both systems, like the IQvitals, are connected thus allowing results to be entered seamlessly into the patients digital record.  These tools can assist you in a more thorough evaluation of your patients’ health, especially when connected to an EMR solution. All this data in one place will make it much simpler to make an accurate diagnosis.

MonsterMed has the connected medical device that is right for you. Those listed above are just a sampling of the devices we have to offer. Let us help you get the equipment you need for your office. One of our highly trained customer service specialists can get you the answers to your questions, online or over the phone!