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Spotlight Vendor - Midmark July 10 2015

The Midmark Company’s stylish and affordable line of products continues to improve healthcare, as they have for the last 100 years! That’s right, they are celebrating 100 years in business right now with their portfolio of products that includes Procedure and Exam Tables, Medical Casework, Diagnostic Equipment, Procedure and Exam Lights, Sterilization Equipment, and much more. The Midmark Ritter 204 Manual Exam Table has become a staple in today’s exam room, while their line of cardiology products, including the IQecg Electrocardiograph and Iqspiro Digital Spirometer, has quickly become a favorite among cardiology specialists. 

The Midmark story began in 1915 with the Cummings Machine Company, a manufacturer of concrete mixers owned by E.C Cummings. By 1925, after acquisitions and changes on the board of directors, Industrial Equipment Company was born. In 1967, four medical products with blueprints were purchased, paving their entrance in the medical market. Moving the company to Versailles Ohio in 1969 and reinventing the company, dawned a new identity, Midmark. Since then, the company continues to thrive as an innovator in Medical technologies. 

Then, in the early 2000’s, Midmark put their innovative spin on the Brentwood line of Cariology products distinguishing them as not just another table manufacturer. The IQecg Electrocardiograph, the Iqspiro Digital Spirometer and Iqvitals Vital Signs Monitor were all designed to improve office workflow and patient comfort and when improving onteh Brentwood design, Midmark’s design team spoke with the doctors, nurses and technicians that use these devices to see what they wanted. This “listening to the customer” approach helped to upgrade the already popular Iqmark series to the products popular today. 

Now in 2015, they continue to innovate and re-invent their product base. The release of the 630 HumanForm Power Procedures Table proves just that, offering natural movement that complements the human body like no other table on the market today. Key improvements were made to create the HumanForm Procedure Table including Motion Profiling, Active Sensing Technology and a Premium Comfort System. 

Midmark continues to innovate and improve their products. Check out MonsterMed for great prices on Midmark’s line of Medical Equipment.



Frequently Asked Questions: Exam Tables May 11 2015

With hundred of calls daily, many include FAQ’s on our best selling products. We at MonsterMed proudly introduce our new blog segment, Frequently Asked Questions:   Let’s start with Exam Tables. 

Since one of our most popular exam tables is the Midmark 204 Exam Table, we receive many calls each day to purchase and/or ask information about the table. Questions include things like upholstery thickness and weight capacity, but most common is the difference between the two upholstery tops, Stitched or Seamless. The 204 is offered with your choice of a Soft-Touch Stitched or Seamless Upholstery Top. The main difference between the two tops is the Seamless Upholstery Top is much easier to clean because it does not have any stitches or folds in the upholstery, plus it’s unique, sleek look. Another FAQ for the Midmark 204 Exam Table is assembly. The upholstery top and drawer panel covers is offered in a separate box than the exam table base. Attaching the top to the table is unbelievable easy and there are instructions as well as YouTube videos online to explain it further.

An exam table that is gaining popularity fast, because of its competitive price, is the Clinton 8870 Family Practice Exam Table. One of the most common questions asked by customers looking for an Exam Table is the difference between this and the Midmark 204 Exam Table. These two Exam Tables recently hashed it out in our battle-dome during one of out Product Battle Blog Posts. Click here to see that battle. Again, assembly is a common question and very easy to answer for the 8870. It comes fully assembled and ready to use right off the pallet. 

Recently, we have been being asked about Midmark’s 223 Barrier-Free Power Exam Table. Commonly asked is whether or not an office needs to own a table like this. Our answer is always yes! Every office should own at least one Barrier-Free Power Exam Table if they are seeing many young, elderly, disabled or expecting patients. The Midmark 223 Barrier-Free Power Exam Table will make this population of patient’s trip to the office a much more enjoyable visit with a barrier-free access to the table. 

These are just some of the most common questions that are asked about Exam Tables. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate asking our friendly and helpful customer service representatives.



MonsterMed Product Battle: Midmark Ritter 204 Exam Table VS. Clinton 8870 Exam Table March 20 2014

We at are excited to introduce a new blog segment entitled “Product Battle!”  In these posts, we will take two or three items from the same product family  and compare them in three different categories: Price, Aesthetics, and Features.

This battle will pit the ever popular Midmark Ritter 204 Exam Table against the economical Clinton 8870 Exam Table.  Aaaaaaand...Fight!Midmark Ritter 204 Exam Table Vs. Clinton 8870 Exam Table


The clear winner in this category is the Clinton 8870 Exam Table. Coming in at under $700 (as of 3-18-2014), this table is the most economic exam table you will find on the market today. Don’t think that this table is “cheap” though. As you will read later on, it has the features and durability of a $1,000+ Exam Table.


Though the 8870 was the clear winner in pricing, the category of Aesthetics clearly goes to the Midmark Ritter 204 exam table.  When it comes to style and look, no one can even compete with the Midmark Ritter line of tables.  The Midmark 204 crumples up and throws away the “box” style of traditional Exam Tables with its sleek rounded edges and stylish color choices that coordinate well with any exam room. 


While there has been a clear winner in each of the previous categories, table features are a bit trickier. The Midmark 204 and the Clinton 8870 standard features include stirrups, a pullout footrest, a manually adjustable backrest, a roll paper dispenser and seamless upholstery (though an upgrade on the Midmark 204). Where they differ is in the base of the tables. The Midmark 204 has an 115VAC electrical outlet giving the user additional outlets for their medical devices during an exam. The Midmark 204 also features an enlarged pullout footstep allowing the patient easier access to the table. While the Clinton 8870 does not have either of these features, it does offer an inexpensive footstep, which has the advantage of portability. Not having the footstep built in does gives Clinton the advantage of adding an additional drawer at the foot of the table while there are only two on the Midmark 204. The Clinton 8870 gives you a storage door on the patient’s right with an adjustable shelf inside while the Midmark 204 provides three pull out drawers on the side of the exam table with a pass-through design allowing access from either side of the table.

And The Winner is…

This battle is too close to choose a winner. Each table has advantages and disadvantages when compared to each other. If you are willing to sacrifice an electrical outlet, a built-in footstep and a sleeker design, then the 8870 will save you some money and still meet or exceed your needs. If those options are important to you, then buying a Midmark 204 Exam Table is likely your better option.

You cannot go wrong with either of these tables, so please call us and let us provide you with a custom price quote today or visit our Exam Tables online at  Also, if you would like to see a product battle between a few products, please email us your ideas at