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We LOVE our Customer Reviews! June 05 2015

We would like to take a moment to share a few of the excellent reviews our customers have left on our site. We never tire hearing how much customers love our products and service. Here are just a few reviews that we can’t stop reading.



Great Product and Company

James Madira M.D. on Jun 05, 2015 for Midmark IQecg Digital ECG

When my office manager suggested that we purchase a new ECG, I knew the company to call. I purchased the IQspiro from Monstermed previously, so I knew that they would not disappoint me. Sure enough, 15 minutes after my purchase, I had my UPS tracking information. Now I have a Midmark Spirometer and ECG that use the same software and communicate with our computer system flawlessly. Forever a customer - James

Fast Shipping

James Madira M.D. on May 11, 2015 for Midmark IQSpiro Digital Spirometer

I ordered this unit because the price was the lowest I found. My local dealer would not even come close to this price. 10 minutes after I placed the order, I received an email with the tracking information. Unbelievable!

Wonderful Product

Vince on Jun 30, 2014 for DinoLite Digital Earscope Otoscope

Other Digital Otoscopes are around $500, but for a little less than $300 I found this one. The picture is clear and being able to show the patients what I am looking at makes it much easier to explain. It is a nice buy!

Satisfied Customer

Mckenna R on Jun 12, 2014 for Midmark 204 Exam Table

I could not believe the price MonsterMed offered on the 204 Exam Table. It was $400 lower than my local supplier! The delivery company was very professional and did everything I needed them to do as well. #SatisfiedCustomer

That was just a handful of our favorites. Thank you to everyone that leaves feedback and reviews. Who knows, maybe someday your review will show in a Blog post like this.



How We Ship Medical Exam Tables March 12 2015

We at are experts in shipping and delivery of all types of Medical Exam Tables. Many medical practices don’t know that they are able to purchase large medical tables such as the Ritter 204 Exam Table or 630 HumanForm Procedure Table, online. But these types of tables are easily shipped across the U.S. Plus, when you buy a table online, you are able to view all possible options and accessories that are available, such as table top upholstery colors and styles. And though coordinating the delivery for a 300+ pound piece of equipment seems difficult, its not for us pros! 

We would like to take a moment to explain the shipping procedure of a large item like a medical table. 

-Information needed for a shipping quote

There are many factors that come into play when obtaining a delivery quote. Being table shipping pros, we are able to answer most trucking questions without needing to bother you. In most cases, all we need from you to obtain a quote is your zip code, quantity of tables and the type of delivery you prefer. A request from a customer can look as simple as this: “I need a white glove rate for a 204 exam table to zip code 17403”. Simplicity made simple! Our specialists will then contact numerous trucking agencies to obtain the best rate. 

-Basic Delivery

Truck deliveries are not as clear-cut as UPS or FedEx deliveries. Each service carries additional fees. The most inexpensive and basic truck delivery is Dock to Dock. Dock to Dock includes a simply delivery to a dock at your facility and is only an option if your facility has a dock for the truck to back up to. If the delivery location does not have a Loading/Unloading Dock, you would have to use the next option Liftgate Delivery. Also called Curbside Delivery, Liftgate Delivery costs more that Dock Delivery because a trailer with a Liftgate is needed for bringing the shipment to the ground. All that is included with this option is bringing the shipment to the ground for the customer. 

-Inside Delivery

Any additional handling of merchandise by the delivery company will increase the delivery cost. Inside Delivery can be misleading at times for customers. While the name implies that the table will be brought inside, the accessibility will determine how far it will be taken. The delivery company will only bring the shipment as far as the pallet will allow. If the pallet is too large to fit through the door of the facility, it will not be brought inside. This is where a majority of problems occur with this type of service. If you question whether this will be an issue for your delivery, contact us for the size of the pallet and measure your entrance way to determine if there will be an issue. 

-White Glove Delivery

The most popular and delivery option is White Glove which takes the work out of the customer hands and puts it into ours. With White Glove Service, you will receive a phone call prior to delivery to schedule a delivery date and time. On that date, our agents will show up with an assembled, unpacked exam table, ready for installation. They will then bring the table to the room of your choice and remove all shipping debris. The only thing you have to do is have the space for the table clear. This is the most popular option for delivery of an exam table. 

Being we deliver so many tables, we have built a nationwide delivery network at the most competitive prices available, and we pass those savings onto you, our beloved customer.   Give us a call today and upgrade that old exam table. You will be happy you did!

Welcome to, home of Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies at Monster Discounts! January 30 2014

Welcome to, home of Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies at Monster Discounts! 

Who are we? is one of the largest resellers of Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies on the internet today.  Our sales volume is backed by one of the largest independent medical wholesale distributors in the northeast.  In business since 1946, our parent company combines the traditional need of a high level of customer service with today’s technology and advances in logistics.

What are we?  We feel there have been more changes in healthcare in the last year than we have seen in the past decade.  And one result…healthcare Medical Equipmentprofessionals need to save time and money.  Our solution?  Simple, we decided to take the most popular items in healthcare today and offer them to you at Monster Discounts!  Medical Professionals from across the United States have found our pricing to be very competitive with that of their local sales reps.

How do we do it?  In the last nearly 70 years, we’ve learned a thing or two.  From shipping orders on time so customers receive them when expected, to buying in bulk from our manufacturing partners to achieve the lowest cost possible, to training our customer support staff so they can be as helpful as does not disappoint.  We understand how important it is to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers and we continuously strive for perfection.

How are we different?  In many ways.  First, we have one of the most experienced design teams working night and day on the look and feel of  Not to toot our own horn, but we have had a hard time finding another Medical Equipment sales site as attractive and easy to use as our own.  Today’s customer is no stranger to buying online and we want our customer’s buying experience to be no different than buying a Computer, Smart Phone, Video Game, or even a shirt online.  

Though look and feel are very important, prices are the key.  How do we address this, It’s simple…we are the lowest!  In the rare occasion that one of the “other wimpy guys” low balls a price, we will match it, or even beat it!  There is no small print with  Standard shipping is always free on all non-table items and our shipping charges on tables are very competitive. also offers discounted Group Purchasing Organization pricing discounts.  Are you a member of Premier, Amerinet, Novation, MedAssets, etc., no problem…we can access most pricing.

Speaking of tables, are you looking to add new tables or replace the antiques in your office? has developed a unique nationwide truck delivery network that will bring your tables into your office, set them up and even take the pallets and packaging away.  Any don’t be tricked by the other guys pricing...If they offer the same table for $10 less, they may be $100 more expensive on the shipping.    

What is to come? is growing everyday.  We add new products to our site based on popularity by our customers.  What are the most commonly purchased equipment items in a medical setting?  Autoclaves, Exam Tables, Power Tables, Otoscopes, Ophthalmoscopes, Vital Signs machines, EKGs, Spirometers are just a few of the categories we focus on.  But we won’t stop here…new products are being added daily to provide our customers the widest selection possible.  And we have not forgot about supplies…exam gloves, alcohol preps, tongue depressors…stay tuned!

We hope this introduction has provided you a good feel of our website, our company and our offering.  We Thank You for spending time with us and look forward to being your partner as we navigate this quickly changing healthcare environment together!  

Click here to shop for Medical Equipment as Monster Discounts.

MonsterMed's Credit Card Policy is to Protect You! December 26 2013

“MonsterMed will not ship to an address that is not listed with the credit card company.  The shipping address must either be the billing address or a previously added secondary shipping address of the credit card.”

We at MonsterMed have made protecting our customer's personal information our #1 priority!  Our strict credit card policy is one of the greatest sources of questions we are asked by our customers.

Let us explain...

A few key points we are proud of:

  • MonsterMed has a history of 0% Fraudulent Orders  

  • We have aided in catching online credit card scammers

  • We’re committed to our customers' security, above anything else

As technology improves and the ability to steal credit card information becomes easier, security must improve as well.  Our policy is ahead of its time...we don’t have to evolve.  There is no way for anyone other than the card holder to add/change an address to a credit card.

Credit Card Policy FAQs:

Q.) How may I have my order shipped to a different address?  

A.) Orders placed online at must be shipped to the billing address of your credit card.  If you would like you order shipped to an alternate address, please place by calling our Customer Service Team at 1-855-366-4295.  They will need to verify that the alternate address is listed with your credit card company.  If it is not, you will need to call the 1-800 number on the back of your card and have it added prior to placing your order.  Adding an alternate address to a credit card does not affect your billing address in any way.  It simply adds the alternate address to the approved shipping addresses of your credit card.  

Q.) How long is this going to take to add? I don’t have time for this!

A.) A very minimal time investment.  In fact, the longest part of this process is the phone wait time for the Credit Card Company.

Q.) I have ordered from other companies and you are the first that requires this.  Why shouldn’t I just go somewhere else?

A.) We are the most secure Medical Online Distributor for credit card transactions.  If you decide to purchase from a company that has not adopted a policy like ours, you expose yourself to the risk of having your credit card information stolen.   

Q.) Who is going to buy Medical Equipment with a stolen credit card?

A.) You would be surprised by how many orders fraudulent are placed everyday using stolen credit cards.  Scammers will frequently test out the card on uncommon items to make sure the card is active.  They will also order items that are common to that card holder and sell the items for cash later on.  In the case of a Medical Facility, ordering Medical Equipment is perfect.  It draws no flags with the card company and sometimes even within the facility.

We hope you found this explanation to be helpful.  Have additional questions?  Feel free to leave a comment below or contact our customers service department.  We are always happy to help!