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Product Battle: Links Medical Silent Knight 2 vs. the First Crush Electronic Pill Crusher System October 13 2014

Since we waited awhile to give you the last product battle, we thought we’d get another one going this week. So grab a seat ringside for 3 rounds of product battle action. This week’s battle promises to be full of crushing blows, because we’re talking about pill crushers. Classic simplicity versus the electronic wunderkind is the fight bill this week, as we compare the Links Medical Silent Knight 2 to the First Crush Electronic Pill Crusher System. Let the battle begin.

Price:  There’s really no other way to say this: this round is a blowout. The SK2 is around $100 dollars less than the First Crush, thanks to its classic, lever operated design. If you are on a strict budget, the Silent Knight 2 is a serious frontrunner, but perhaps the First Crush’s extra features are worth it to you. Regardless, price advantage goes to the Silent Knight 2!

Aesthetics: Neither of these units are going to win any beauty competitions.  Understandably so - they weren't built for looks, but for purpose.  The First Crush has a smaller footprint on your counter, but looks more like a villain from Doctor Who than a piece of medical equipment. The SK2 definitely has a look that puts it more in line with the traditional medical office feel. Like most things, the one you prefer will depend on what look you are looking for. This round is a tie.  

Features:   Both of these units feature easy operation. With the Silent Knight, you just place the pill to be crushed into one of the pouches, place the pouch in the unit, then operate the lever. You can control the grind fineness with how much pressure you use, and how many passes you make on the pouch. On the First Crush, all you have to do is place the pill into the serving cup, place the grinding cup on top, then insert the 2 cups into the machine and press the button. There are two settings for grind fineness, as opposed to the Silent Knight 2’s theoretically infinite amount. The Silent knight features quiet operation, making it the better choice for nursing homes, or facilities where patients will likely be asleep. The First Crush’s electric motor may make it too loud for quiet environments. As far as consumables go, the Silent Knight will be less expensive, as it uses one pouch per use, as opposed to the 2 cup system of the First Crush. However, the first crush has the advantage of the pill being already in a serving cup.  This is a benefit, as the rounded corners prevent any chances of residue being left behind, assuring the patient receives the full dose. On features, we’re giving it to the First Crush, for it’s easy to use electric operation, and ready-out-of-the-gate 2 cup system. 

Both of these units are high quality options. You really cannot go wrong with either unit, but here’s our final deliberation. If silence and simplicity are your requirements, you will love the Silent Knight 2. If you    prefer convenience and speed, the First Crush is for you. Neither is a bad choice, so let us help you find the right fit for your office!