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Product Battle: Newman DigiDop II Pocket Doppler vs Summit Lifedop Handheld Doppler June 10 2015

This fight is going to be one for the record books. The more experienced Summit Lifedop Doppler seems to have brand recognition in their corner. But the newly designed Newman DigiDop II Doppler has a few tricks up its sleeve to possibly steer those followers away. Let’s see what happens in this edition of Product Battle.


Currently sitting, this category might have a draw for the first time. With an identical price point for the base, non-display models (Summit Lifedop L150 Doppler and Newman DigiDop II Doppler), we have to look at the prices on the display models, which are virtually the same. Slight advantage goes to the Newman DigiDop II Doppler with a slightly lower price on replacement probes and display models.


The simple design of the Summit Lifedop Handheld Doppler gives it the edge in this category, but not by much. The Newman DigiDop II Doppler has a more stylish body, but it is the simple design that appeals to the users of these devices.


As always, this bout will come down to the features. Each device has it’s own unique skill-set but is basically used for the same thing. Both the Newman DigiDop II Doppler and the Summit Lifedop Handheld Doppler offer a wide range of Doppler probes from 2Mhz to 8Mhz while also offering the option of a Recharger to save on batteries. Each unit offers a economic non-display version as well. Let’s dig a little deeper though. The Newman DigiDop II Pocket Doppler features an interesting magnetic probe holder. While it is nice to know that your probe holder cannot break off it is believed that the Summit Lifedop Doppler’s clip style probe holder is more secure for the probe itself. The Newman DigiDop II does have a 5-year warranty, which beats the pants off the Summit Lifedop’s 2-year warranty. 

These two fantastic devices are just to close to choose a winner, but someone has to be declared the winner. We went back and reviewed the fight film and our judges have reached a decision. The winner is you! Purchase either of these units and you win!