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Trending Products - Welch Allyn Connex ProBP Digital Blood Pressure Device June 18 2015

One of the most popular Blood Pressure products on the market is the Welch Allyn Connex ProBP 3400 Digital Blood Pressure Device. And for good reason…the ProBP has quickly become a favored Blood Pressure option among healthcare professionals because of its feature rich design and sleek look.   Let’s take a look at the ProBP 3400 Digital Blood Pressure Device and find out what makes it so popular.  

Four terms are used to describe the Connex ProBP 3400 Digital Blood Pressure Device; Portable, Accurate, Reliable and Connected. 



The small handheld design makes the ProBP 3400 easy to carry and capture readings in any surrounding, even a triage setting. The lithium ion battery delivers up to 100 readings on a single charge, allowing everything to be completed without down time for recharging. An optional mobile stand with your ProBP 3400 Digital Blood Pressure Device adds a level of security to your highly portable device. 


Welch Allyn’s Connex ProBP meets the AAMI standard for blood pressure accuracy. Add in the optional SureBP technology and you have a device that offers great advantages in speed and patient comfort.


With AAMI/BHS-AA-certified accuracy, SureBP Blood Pressure Technology that captures reading in only 15 seconds and the ability to work with cuffs ranging from small child to thigh, the ProBP 3400 Digital Blood Pressure Device is a reliable alternative to manual sphygmomanometers. ProBP’s proven technology can minimize error codes even in the presence of motion or weak pulse, giving you more time to focus on your patient. 


Connex ProBP comes connectivity-ready, allowing you to integrate it with most electronic health records systems. Connected devices can help reduce documentation and improve efficiency. 

Combine these important features along with MonsterMed’s extremely low prices, and you have a winning combination.



New and Exciting Welch Allyn Products April 28 2015

Welch Allyn has an exciting slate of new products for 2015. Let’s take a quick look at some of these new and soon to be released products. 

CareTemp Touchless Infrared Thermometer

The newly released CareTemp Touchless Thermometer offers speed and efficiency without touching the patient. The CareTemp Thermometer can obtain readings from 4-6cm away from the center of the patient’s forehead with its infrared sensor. The measurement distance feedback system detects proper or improper measuring distance, keeping accuracy at an all time high. The CareTemp is quickly becoming very popular with its amazing price point. 

Braun Pro6000 Ear Thermometer

The Welch Allyn Braun Pro6000 Ear Thermometer will feature a better user experience with clinical workflow. It will have a back-lit display and dedicated function buttons for a 60 second pulse timer, C/F scale conversion and last temperature memory recall. With fast captures readings in only 2-3 seconds; this will surely be a high-end Ear Thermometer.

Connex Spot Vital Signs Monitor

Another newly released unit is the Connex Spot Vital Signs Monitor. This monitor is designed to automatically obtain vital signs including blood pressure, temperature and SpO2. The Connex Spot Monitor features optional wireless connectivity, accuracy with the patient in any position and adaptability with changing EMR. This touch-screen device connects directly to your EMR and transmits patient data from the point of care. Optional Nonin, Covidien or Masimo Pulse Oximetry gives the user a variety of options. 

ProBP 2400 Digital Blood Pressure Device

Soon to be released (est. June 2015) is the ProBP 2400 Digital Blood Pressure Device. It is a budget friendly digital blood pressure device that provides features specifically suited for the professional environment. The ProBP provides a 3-reading average and manual mode making it well suited for a wide range of clinical situations. 


Check back with MonsterMed for the products that are not yet released and check out the new products that are available now.



Trending Physician Office Equipment March 02 2015

When we at MonsterMed see a spike in sales for a certain product or product line, our sales team spends time examining the product(s) to determine new trends in healthcare. We thought we would share a few of these products to help you stay on top of what’s popular in medical offices, like yours, across the U.S. 

Littmann Stethoscopes

Since adding Littmann Stethoscopes to our online store, the orders have been pouring in. We contribute this to the Littmann Brand, which is widely known in the medical industry as the most preferred brand of stethoscopes available. With the Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope as the flagship product, it is easy to understand why. The Cardiology III is specially designed for improved acoustic performance and exceptional adaptability. A wide variety of tubing colors allow the user to showcase their personality, improving patient comfort. In addition to the Littmann brand name, MonsterMed continues to keep our prices consistently low with Free Shipping. With more Littmann Stethoscopes joining our offering soon, we are sure that this will be one of our most popular lines available. 

Enthermics Blanket Warmers

Steadily gaining in popularity on MonsterMed are Enthermics Blanket Warmers. These elegant looking warmers give hospitals and clinics a low cost convenient place to store and keep their blankets warm. A warm blanket will ensure a comfortable, pleasant patient experience and improve their satisfaction. With an Enthermics Blanket Warmer, customers can be assured that blankets will be kept at the proper temperature and readily available. Combine these features with MonsterMed’s lowest prices online, customers cannot find a more practical purchase. 

MonsterMed strives to bring our customers the most popular medical equipment products for the lowest prices online. And that goes for all product we offer! We also work to bring the best possible customer service and up-front order status to all orders no matter the size. Give us a chance with your next purchase, you won’t regret it!