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Product Battle: Tuttnauer EZ Autoclaves vs. EZPlus Autoclaves October 31 2014

Alright fight fans, it’s time for another product battle, and this time it’s a whopper! This week, two heavyweights enter the ring.  Fighting in the red trunks, we’ve got the Tuttnauer EZ Series.  And his opponent, fighting out of the blue corner, the all new phenom, the Tuttnauer EZPlus Series. How will Tuttnauer’s new, improved, larger offering fare against their time-tested design? You’ll have to decide at the end of the fight!

Price:  Both of these autoclave lines are very competitively priced. The EZPlus series will be slightly more expensive, but the features that come with it definitely justify the cost. The original EZ series are both great values, and a lot of autoclave for the price. If your office is very budget conscious, you will not regret the purchase of an EZ9 or EZ10. For its slightly lower price, this round goes to the EZ Series.

Aesthetics:  For these fight fans, this round is a blowout. The EZ series have a sleek design that would look great in any office.  But the EZPlus series takes Tuttnauer’s great looks to the next level. Featuring a white exterior, with simple-yet-elegant red highlights, this baby looks really good for a piece of medical equipment. The control area is simple, there are no overly large exposed metal parts, and the large color display is very prominent.  Looking like a kitchen appliance from the year 2050, this round goes to the EZPlus series by a landslide!

Features:   The highlight of the Tuttnauer line is the “Forget it once you set it” closed door drying cycle. The  EZPlus line keeps this feature, and adds a whole lot more. Where the EZ series uses a monochrome LCD Display and several buttons to navigate through its programs and menus, The EZPlus series replaces that with a large color screen and simple 3 button controls. Comparing the largest models of both series, the EZ10 and EZ11Plus, the EZ11Plus has a chamber volume 1.5 gallons larger, and can hold 5 trays as opposed to the 4 of the EZ10. The EZPlus series also features a new self locking door design, and a front water filling option. It is truly the next generation in Tuttnauer autoclaves. Advantage EZPlus

When it comes to Tuttnauer autoclaves,  a customer can not go wrong with any of the models.  Although the original EZ series are excellent systems, the all new EZPlus series take perfection to a new level.  Call us today to find out more, and figure out which Tuttnauer autoclave is right for you.