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Product Battle: Clinton 8890 Exam Table VS. UMF 5240 Exam Table August 29 2014

Clinton 8890 Exam Table VS. UMF 5240 Exam TableIt's Product Battle time! That’s right fans, today’s main event features the Clinton 8890 Family Practice Exam Table versus the UMF 5240 Exam Table. Seemingly very similar products, but when you match them up head to head, these Exam Tables have some significant differences that could sway your decision. Let’s keep it clean…both fighters to the center of the ring!


Price goes to the Clinton 8890 Family Practice Exam Table. Currently under $800, the Clinton 8890 is one of the least expensive exam tables in the industry. But don’t let the low price tag convince you of low quality. This table is built being California CARB II compliant and very well built. Bottom line, price goes to Clinton 8890.


Both of these tables are pretty basic when it comes to Basic Examination Tables in their appearance. The UMF 5240 Exam Table has a sleeker look compared to the Clinton 8890’s more box style look. Rounded corners and more curves make the 5240 Exam Table appear to be more comfortable and inviting. Aesthetics goes to UMF 5240 Exam Table.


Both of these tables are very similar when it comes down to the features. Similar features include: Seamless Upholstery Tops to reduce cross-contamination and ensure easy cleaning, Adjustable Stirrups, an easy to adjust backrest with table paper dispenser and a large pull out step stool. The UMF 5240’s step stool stands lower and wider than the Clinton 8890’s. This makes it easier for elderly and disabled patients to access the table. The Clinton 8890 offers slightly more storage space with its open door base plus shelf and 3 front drawers. The side door is accessible from either side of the exam table as well. The UMF 5240 only has 2 front and 2 side drawers. The side drawers are only accessible from one side of the exam table. The galvanized steel base of the UMF 5240, gives it a larger weight capacity of 500 lbs.


Either of these tables would fit a medical practice nicely. If you are willing to pay a little more for a sleeker look, larger weight capacity and easier to access step stool, then the UMF 5240 is your table. But if those options are not of necessity and savings $$$ is more important, the Clinton 8890 Family Practice Table is the better choice. Either way, MonsterMed has you covered with the best Exam Tables in the market today!