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New and Exciting Welch Allyn Products April 28 2015

Welch Allyn has an exciting slate of new products for 2015. Let’s take a quick look at some of these new and soon to be released products. 

CareTemp Touchless Infrared Thermometer

The newly released CareTemp Touchless Thermometer offers speed and efficiency without touching the patient. The CareTemp Thermometer can obtain readings from 4-6cm away from the center of the patient’s forehead with its infrared sensor. The measurement distance feedback system detects proper or improper measuring distance, keeping accuracy at an all time high. The CareTemp is quickly becoming very popular with its amazing price point. 

Braun Pro6000 Ear Thermometer

The Welch Allyn Braun Pro6000 Ear Thermometer will feature a better user experience with clinical workflow. It will have a back-lit display and dedicated function buttons for a 60 second pulse timer, C/F scale conversion and last temperature memory recall. With fast captures readings in only 2-3 seconds; this will surely be a high-end Ear Thermometer.

Connex Spot Vital Signs Monitor

Another newly released unit is the Connex Spot Vital Signs Monitor. This monitor is designed to automatically obtain vital signs including blood pressure, temperature and SpO2. The Connex Spot Monitor features optional wireless connectivity, accuracy with the patient in any position and adaptability with changing EMR. This touch-screen device connects directly to your EMR and transmits patient data from the point of care. Optional Nonin, Covidien or Masimo Pulse Oximetry gives the user a variety of options. 

ProBP 2400 Digital Blood Pressure Device

Soon to be released (est. June 2015) is the ProBP 2400 Digital Blood Pressure Device. It is a budget friendly digital blood pressure device that provides features specifically suited for the professional environment. The ProBP provides a 3-reading average and manual mode making it well suited for a wide range of clinical situations. 


Check back with MonsterMed for the products that are not yet released and check out the new products that are available now.



Attention Physicians...House Calls Are Back! August 07 2014

A trend is emerging in medicine today…or should we say, making a come back.  Taking a page out of the playbook of doctors from years past, modern physicians are becoming more and more receptive to the idea of house calls for patient care.  House calls offer several benefits over a traditional doctor visit by offering the patient a greatly increased level of comfort during the appointment.  House calls also offer the physician a chance to observe and analyze the patient’s living situation, looking for any factors that may contribute to a patient’s condition.  Though there are many benefits, there are hurdles to face with the decision to begin house calls.

Perhaps the biggest hurdle to a physician in deciding to begin house calls, is the availability of medical equipment normally available in a physician’s office.  When it comes to traveling with equipment, there are many options to choose from. 

Taking a patient’s vitals is always the first step in physician visit. To take the patient’s temperature, the Welch Allyn Thermoscan Pro4000 Thermometer is a great, inexpensive option.  It uses standard AA batteries, or it can be powered by an optional, long-life rechargeable battery. The patient’s temperature is taken with the click of a button, quickly, accurately, and comfortably.  It is very durably so it can survive transport between patient’s homes and your office.

To take the patient’s Blood Pressure, there are a couple option. The classic hand aneroid, like the Welch Allyn DS58 or ADC Diagnostix 703, is a simple, durable solution that is time tested.  If you wish to maximize patient interaction, and have your hands free for other things, an automatic solution is a great option. The Welch Allyn Connex ProBP 3400 Blood Pressure Monitor is an affordable automatic blood pressure device that can take a reading in 15 seconds! It is fast, uses a lithium-ion battery, and is EMR capable, allowing the user to upload the results when you get back to your office.

Finally, every primary care physician needs a good otoscope.  We suggest the Welch Allyn MacroView otoscope.  It has twice the field of view and 30% more magnification available than a traditional otoscope. It offers excellent optical clarity and adjustable focus in a comparatively small package. For home visits, the ability to accept a 3.5V Welch Allyn rechargeable battery pack makes the MacroView an excellent choice.

We hope that gives you a good head start on getting geared up for making house calls.