There is nothing more important to me in life than a Wallach Colposcope. In fact, it doesn’t even matter which model. On monstermed.com, we have the Wallach 906140T TriStar Colposcope with Trulight, the Wallach TriScope with Trulight-4 leg base, and the Wallach Colpostar 1H Precision Optics, and all three of them are equally mind-blowing. It’s hard to choose which one you love the most and want to spend the rest of your life with (or at least some part of your life with before you move on to the next colposcope you find). So, to help make that choice easier, here’s a little something about each of our three contestants, vying for a piece of your heart!  

Let’s start with Wallach 906140T TriStar Colposcope with Trulight. First of all, it’s beautiful. But looks don’t matter when you’re in love. It is beautiful in a way only a colposcope from Wallach Surgical Devices could be. It’s elegant, it’s statuesque, it’s classic, it’s smooth. But if you look past its gorgeous appearance, you’ll find what truly makes this colposcope so special. The TriStar colposcope offers maximum stability. It won’t wobble around, stay up late partying, make you wonder where they are, not answer their cell phone, and cause you to sit up late drinking coffee and worrying. This colposcope is stable, its commited to standing strong with you through thick and thin. It’s stability comes from its compact five-point base with center post stand. It’s also good at its job and reliable, with the same high-resolution optical pathway and fixed triple magnification settings (8x, 13x and 21x magnification) available in the Wallach TriScope with Trulight-4 leg base colposcope… our second dashing colposcope in the collection.

The Wallach TriScope with Trulight-4 leg base colposcope not only offers enhanced stability with its 4-leg base, but it also allows for the full range of motion needed to complete exams and perform related biopsies and surgery. It lets you have your space and yet is still there to help you through whatever challenges and obstacles you face in life, there for you in a way few have been before. Its simple… Its smart in a way only a colposcope can be. And with its aforementioned fixed triple magnification and it’s high-resolution stereoscopic optical viewing, the TriScope offers a direct view optical pathway to detect even subtle tissue abnormalities. This colposcope has a great eye for detail and is a good worker with the right guidance. With an adjustable overhead suspension arm for optimal hand/eye coordination and a Trulight LED light to provide brighter light without changing bulbs, this colposcope is ready to take on any task and brighten up your day in the process.

And last but certainly not least of these three beauties is the Wallach Colpostar 1H Precision Optic colposcope. This is a smooth charmer as far as colposcopes go. The ColpoStar 1H offers fiber optic halogen lighting that delivers white, cool, clear natural tone tissue illumination for more accurate examination, and it offers a wider field of view and greater depth of field. It also comes with distortion-free precision stereo optics, so you know you can trust what this colposcope is showing you and you don’t have to second-guess anything. And it is also very stable and flexible like the other Wallach colposcopes, with its five-point base with center post design and fine and coarse adjustments. It has a 12x Single Magnification, 300mm working distance, and comes with a green filter, just for some added benefits. If that doesn’t make you want to check it out for yourself, I don’t know what will. It’s obviously a colposcope in shining armor.

So, look at our online collection today on monstermed.com and find your one true colposcope love!