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ABI Dopplers October 27 2016

Dopplers create a moving picture of blood in blood vessels. In the past few years, a unique type of Doppler has hit the market that focuses on blood flow in the lower half of the body using an Ankle-Brachial Index Tests…or ABI. This test has become part of routine diagnosis and early diagnosis of Peripheral Arterial Disease, or PAD. 

Here at, we offer a few ABI Dopplers, including the Huntleigh Dopplex Ability Automatic ABI System, the Summit Lifedop L250 ABI Handheld Doppler, the Summit Lifedop Vista ABI Doppler System, the Newman Medical ABI-300 Simple ABI Doppler System, and the Newman Medical ABI-400CL simple ABI Doppler System. The best price point for an ABI Doppler is around $2,500 which can be found in the Summit Lifesop L250 ABI Handheld Doppler and the Newman Medical ABI-300 Simple ABI Doppler Systems we offer.

Like all Summit Dopplers, the Lifedop L250 ABI Handheld Doppler, is durable and cost-effective while being highly accurate. The system features a large heart rate display, a sensitive 8 MHz bi-directional probe, two or four cuffs with aneroid, and simple ABI reference documents and video and measures systolic pressures for easy calculation of ABI and PAD and waveform scaling and printing.  

The Newman Medical ABI-300 Simple ABI Doppler System is a pc-based ABI system with "point & click" reporting directly to a computer. It is simple to use and easy to learn, making staff training quick and simple. Furthermore, automatic index calculations make the simple ABI system as easy as taking a blood pressure reading. The ABI-300 will print to most standard office printers or save and load directly to EMR.  

On the high end of the price scale, we offer a few systems in the $5000 range. The Huntleigh Dopplex Ability Automatic ABI System will decrease your ABI time by up to 75% with the push of a button! ABI's can be calculated accurately in 3 minutes without resting the patient and this extremely easy to use one button push technology will eliminate the need to long training sessions. The Dopplex Ability displays the results with pulse volume waveforms on the LDC panel. Test results can then be printed on either thermal or adhesive backed label paper via the integral printer. 

Another excellent ABI Doppler is the Summit Lifedop Vista ABI Doppler System. It performs single-level ABI Exams with an optional PPG probe for TBI (Toe-Brachial Index). It includes 4 blood pressure cuffs (2-10cm and 2-12cm) and a sensitive bi-directional 8 MHz probe for surface vessels, a display that features graphic waveforms with an easy-to-follow test sequence and fast, accurate and automatic cuff inflation/deflation with ABI calculations.

The Newman Medical ABI-400CL is an Automated System for ABI & TBI Testing. It features Cuff-Link Automation which has automatic inflation/deflation, automatic cuff selection and automatic calculation. It is a PC-Based ABI System that uses a "gold standard" 8MHz Doppler with easy "click & capture" PVR Waveforms. Each report can be customized with practice information and logo plus printing to any standard office printer or attach multiple formats to EMR. 

To learn more about these ABI Dopplers, check out their product pages on our website, or call a monstermed rep today. We’d be happy to help you find the doppler your office needs.


Midmark's Renovated Product Selection September 12 2016

Midmark’s Product Section Has Been Renovated! 

Midmark recently launched a few new updates to their website, aimed to improve the quality of their customer’s experience while they are visiting the page. Not only is the website now modern and mobile-friendly, but it also has a few, eye-catching features that will help users navigate the site and find important information. 

The site now features a large, rotating graphic marquee on their medical homepage featuring their latest news. This is both appealing and functional. Another new feature is the increased size of their imagery throughout their product line, which improves user navigation. Other features include improved use and display of their commercial videos, hover functionality on category product images (to display different positioning of exam and procedure tables), clear social sharing buttons, and a specific space on product pages that feature current and new material. The site also now features a clear outline of the accessories available for each product as well as individual accessory pages. 

So check out today and explore their updated website!



Product Battle: Midmark 223 Barrier-Free Power Exam Table vs. UMF ProGlide300 Power Exam Table July 25 2016

Welcome back readers to another exciting installment of Product Battle! Today's match squares up two Midmark Ritter Power Exam Tables: the 222 model and the 223 model, against the UMF ProGlide300 Power Exam Table. Let's ring the bell and see how these two challengers compare! 


It’s a close call when comparing the price of these two state-of-the-art tables. The UMF ProGlide300 Power Exam Table is slightly more expensive at a cost of just under $6000, while the Midmark Ritter 223 Power Exam Table costs just under $5,500. For a real deal, the Midmark Ritter 222 Power Exam Table costs just under $5,000! So, Midmark wins this round. 


Ooooh…ahhhhh!, just Look at the fine upholstered top on that Midmark Ritter Power Exam Table.   Not only is it firm and lush to allow for complete comfort for the patient, but it is offered in an assortment of captivating colors: Pebble Grey, Perfect Plum, Moss, Navy, Shadow, Dusty Blue, Clay and Black. And it’s barrier-free, so as the healthcare industry continues to change and caters more and more to the elderly, expectant mothers, and patients with disabilities being seen in offices, this table can continue to accommodate them. Plus, its low height of 18” allows for patients to get themselves out of the chair rather than requiring for the patient to be helped out of the chair. Is this chair not one of the greatest on the market?!? It’s definitely a contender in this aesthetics competition. But hold on to your hats, folks. It looks’ like the UMF ProGlide300 Power Exam Table comes out of nowhere with a knockout. Designed to optimize the patient and caregiver experience, the ProGlide300 helps protect your patients from infection, helps protect your facility from damage and helps protect your staff from injuries. The integrated central-locking wheelbase enables staff to easily move the table for cleaning. And it too comes in an assorted of beautiful colors: River Rock, Mocha, Sand Grey, Adobe, Sage, Midnight Blue, Steel Blue and Onyx. It’s comfortable, soft, and is offered with either manual back or power back. 


With the score tied 1-1, it all comes down to the features. The UMF ProGlide300 Power Exam Table features a 650 lb. weight capacity, hand and foot control, front storage drawer, 4 lateral position stirrups with adjustable length, pelvic tilt, drawer warmer and stainless steel drain pan. The Midmark Ritter 222/223 Power Exam Table is offered with two different tops: the soft touch stitch upholstery top or premium seamless upholstery top. These Midmark Ritter tables feature length with footrest extended: 76.7" (194.7 cm); height: minimum 18" (45.7 cm) maximum 37" (94.0 cm); patient weight capacity: 400 lbs (181.4 kg); a hidden paper roll holder: it holds 21" x 3.5" paper roll (53.3 x 8.9 cm); standard stirrups; and a standard drawer heater (35 watt). At the end of the day, these are ALL great features and it’s impossible to choose a winner! 

So… the winner overall is…A TIE!!! Both are designed with the patient in mind and either will do an excellent job of improving look and functionality in your office. Weigh the pros and cons and buy one today!


Burdick ECG Sale! July 11 2016


Big news in the ECG Universe! is having discounted pricing on the Burdick ELI230, ELI250 and ELI280 ECG's from Now until September 30, 2016. To help you choose which of these ECGs you want for your hospital or healthcare facility, here’s a little information about each of these wonderful products. 

The first ECG is the Burdick ELI 230 Interpretive ECG. The ELI 230 electrocardiograph provides complete functionality in a portable, compact device. Easy to use and feature rich, the ELI 230 offers a valuable solution with capabilities such as signal quality, accurate and reliable ECG interpretation, and full-size printouts. Furthermore, the high-resolution color display provides real-time preview of 12-lead ECG and post-acquisition review of acquired ECG. The ELI 230 Interpretive ECG uses the widely recognized Mortara resting ECG interpretation algorithm uses gender and age specific criteria to provide a silent second opinion for resting ECG interpretation. Also, the ELI 230 offers a choice of either the innovative WAM™ wireless acquisition module or the AM12™ acquisition module. Both include replaceable lead wires, lead fail indicator, and remote control with buttons for ECG acquisition and rhythm printing. 

The next ECG that is being offered at a discounted price is the Burdick ELI 250c Interpretive ECG. Compact and lightweight, the ELI 250c electrocardiograph provides comprehensive functionality, with 8.5 x 11'' or A4 paper, in an easy-to-use, portable device. Like the ELI230, the ELI250c has a high-resolution color display provides real-time preview of 12-lead ECG and post-acquisition review of acquired ECG, and it uses the same Mortara resting ECG interpretation algorithm. The ELI 250c also offers a choice of either the innovative WAM wireless acquisition module or the AM12 acquisition module. Like with the ELI230, both include replaceable lead wires, lead fail indicator, and remote control with buttons for ECG acquisition and rhythm printing. The ELI 250c automatically selects and displays the Best 10 seconds of ECG signal from the five minute segment of internal full disclosure, reducing clinical review time and eliminating the need for repeat ECGs. Also, it has alphanumeric elastomer keyboard features dedicated ''one-touch'' buttons for ECG acquisition, rhythm printing, and ECG transmission/order retrieval. Experience the benefits of bidirectional communication via USB, USB memory stick, internal modem, LAN, or wireless LAN with Mortara's E-Scribe and Athena products, as well as third party EMR, HIS, and PACS systems via XML, PDF, UNIPRO, and DICOM. It also can come with a mobile cart for an additional cost. Learn more about its two models on their individual product page. 

And the final ECG offered with a discounted price until September 30, 2016 is the Burdick ELI 280 Interpretive ECG. Compact and lightweight, the ELI 280 electrocardiograph provides comprehensive functionality in a portable, touchscreen device. The easy-to-use ELI 280 is designed to meet the demands of high-volume ECG environments. It has 10.1'' high-resolution color LCD with convenient touchscreen displays up to 12 leads of ECG data for immediate review and plotting. Also, like the other Burdick ECGs, it uses the Mortara resting ECG interpretation algorithm. The ELI 280 offers a choice of either the innovative WAM wireless acquisition module or the AM12 acquisition module (both with or without LAN 802.11). Both include replaceable lead wires, lead fail indicator, and remote control with buttons for ECG acquisition and rhythm printing. ELI 280 incorporates Mortara's unique Best 10 feature which automatically selects and displays the best 10 seconds of ECG from memory, reducing the need for repeat ECGs caused by patient movement or other sources of ECG artifact. ELI 280 easily integrates with cardiology management systems for increased efficiency and optimized workflow. With automatic time sync and the ability to obtain orders and reports with a single touch, the ELI 280 can save user time and effort. Experience the benefits of bidirectional communication via internal modem, LAN, or wireless LAN with Mortara's E-Scribe, as well as third party PACS systems via XML, PDF, UNIPRO32, and DICOM. You can add a mobile cart to thie ECG, as well, for an additional cost. 

Click here—then, buy a discounted cost Burdick ELI230, ELI250c, or an ELI280 today (or just at least before the offer ends on 9/30/2016)!


There is nothing more important to me in life than a Wallach Colposcope. In fact, it doesn’t even matter which model. On, we have the Wallach 906140T TriStar Colposcope with Trulight, the Wallach TriScope with Trulight-4 leg base, and the Wallach Colpostar 1H Precision Optics, and all three of them are equally mind-blowing. It’s hard to choose which one you love the most and want to spend the rest of your life with (or at least some part of your life with before you move on to the next colposcope you find). So, to help make that choice easier, here’s a little something about each of our three contestants, vying for a piece of your heart!  

Let’s start with Wallach 906140T TriStar Colposcope with Trulight. First of all, it’s beautiful. But looks don’t matter when you’re in love. It is beautiful in a way only a colposcope from Wallach Surgical Devices could be. It’s elegant, it’s statuesque, it’s classic, it’s smooth. But if you look past its gorgeous appearance, you’ll find what truly makes this colposcope so special. The TriStar colposcope offers maximum stability. It won’t wobble around, stay up late partying, make you wonder where they are, not answer their cell phone, and cause you to sit up late drinking coffee and worrying. This colposcope is stable, its commited to standing strong with you through thick and thin. It’s stability comes from its compact five-point base with center post stand. It’s also good at its job and reliable, with the same high-resolution optical pathway and fixed triple magnification settings (8x, 13x and 21x magnification) available in the Wallach TriScope with Trulight-4 leg base colposcope… our second dashing colposcope in the collection.

The Wallach TriScope with Trulight-4 leg base colposcope not only offers enhanced stability with its 4-leg base, but it also allows for the full range of motion needed to complete exams and perform related biopsies and surgery. It lets you have your space and yet is still there to help you through whatever challenges and obstacles you face in life, there for you in a way few have been before. Its simple… Its smart in a way only a colposcope can be. And with its aforementioned fixed triple magnification and it’s high-resolution stereoscopic optical viewing, the TriScope offers a direct view optical pathway to detect even subtle tissue abnormalities. This colposcope has a great eye for detail and is a good worker with the right guidance. With an adjustable overhead suspension arm for optimal hand/eye coordination and a Trulight LED light to provide brighter light without changing bulbs, this colposcope is ready to take on any task and brighten up your day in the process.

And last but certainly not least of these three beauties is the Wallach Colpostar 1H Precision Optic colposcope. This is a smooth charmer as far as colposcopes go. The ColpoStar 1H offers fiber optic halogen lighting that delivers white, cool, clear natural tone tissue illumination for more accurate examination, and it offers a wider field of view and greater depth of field. It also comes with distortion-free precision stereo optics, so you know you can trust what this colposcope is showing you and you don’t have to second-guess anything. And it is also very stable and flexible like the other Wallach colposcopes, with its five-point base with center post design and fine and coarse adjustments. It has a 12x Single Magnification, 300mm working distance, and comes with a green filter, just for some added benefits. If that doesn’t make you want to check it out for yourself, I don’t know what will. It’s obviously a colposcope in shining armor.

So, look at our online collection today on and find your one true colposcope love!

Shop for Huntleigh Dopplers June 14 2016

Are you in the market for a new doppler? If so, look no further! MonsterMed has an assortment of industry leading dopplers that will serve your practice or hospital wonderfully. Ultrasound Dopplers are used to detect fetal heartbeat and monitor peripheral arterial and venous blood flow. Healthcare professionals often use dopplers to evaluate blood flow through major arteries and veins and detect blood clots that can block blood flow. During pregnancy, dopplers are used to measure heart rate and blood flow in unborn babies.  Each doppler utilizes a handheld probe which is maneuvered over the target site of the patient.  Probes are offered in various ranges of MHz, which have a different beam and penetration size based on the test which will be performed.

We at Monstermed recently announced new deeper discounts on Arjo Huntligh Dopplers…let’s look at a few, includeing the Huntleigh Dopplex MD2 Bi-Directional Doppler; the Huntleigh Dopplex D900 Non-Directional Doppler; and Huntleigh FD3 Sonicaid Rate Display Doppler. Let’s learn more!

First is one of the most advanced pocket Dopplers on the market: the Huntleigh Dopplex MD2 Bi-Directional Doppler. This units digital display provides information on bi-directional blood flow direction and unit status and when used with one of the High Sensitivity (HS) Probes, the Huntleigh Dopplex MD2 Doppler is ideal for assessment of peripheral vascular disease, the diabetic foot and venous applications. Also, fetal heart rate can be observed when using an OP2-HS or OP3-HS Probe.

High Value at a Low Price is what you get with the Huntleigh Dopplex D900 Non-Directional Doppler. This Audio-Only, Non-Directional Doppler is principally used for ABPI measurements to manage leg ulcers. This product is compatible with the complete range of vascular and obstetric probes. When used with Easy 8 probe, it is excellent for the infrequent user in locating brachial and pedal arteries.

And, last but not least: Huntleigh FD3 Sonicaid Rate Display Dopplers are the ultimate in Obstetric Pocket Dopplers for Obstetricians and Midwives. The high sensitivity probes provide greater performance than ever before, combining unique automatic noise reduction, acclaimed lifelike fetal heart sounds and unequaled sensitivity which  allows for easier detection of fetal sounds in early gestation and mothers with raised MBI's. This doppler can also be used for sensitive detection in early gestation and comes with a 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

For more information about any of these Huntleigh dopplers or others like it, check out!

Welch Allyn Stethoscopes June 03 2016

Here at, we offer three types of Welch Allyn Harvey Stethoscopes: the Welch Allyn Harvey DLX Double-Head Stethoscope; the Welch Allyn Harvey DLX Triple-Head Stethoscope; and the Welch Allyn Harvey Elite Stethoscope. These stethoscopes are very popular among our buyers and YOU should know more about them!

Both the Welch Allyn Harvey DLX Double-Head Stethoscope and the Welch Allyn Harvey DLX Triple-Head Stethoscope are specifically designed to highlight specific sounds and allow the user to hear cardiac, pulmonary and vascular sounds without concentrating pressure techniques. The dual bore tubing creates two uninterrupted sound channels that transmits a full range of sound through the brass weighted chestpiece. The regular double-head models feature a low-frequency bell and adult flat diaphragm, while the double-head prediatric models are available with a low-Frequency bell and pediatric diaphragm. The rotatable triple-head models feature a low-frequency bell, adult corrugated diaphragm and pediatric diaphragm.

The DLX stethoscopes are latex-free, full-range cardiology/pulmonary stethoscopes that carries a 10-year warranty. The double-head models are offered in black, burgundy, navy, forest green, and pediatric black while the the triple-head models are offered in back, burgundy, navy, and forest green.  Both feature rotatable binaurals and interchangeable comfort sealing ear tips, the binaurals and chestpieces are chrome-plated brass.

As for the Welch Allyn Harvey Elite Stethoscope, there’s a reason it have been around for a countless amount of time: reliability. It’s styling, superior comfort and auscultation capabilities make this a stethoscope that cardiologists can rely on. The dual-bore tubing creates two uninterrupted sound channels for the optimally weighted chestpiece. The Elite diaphragm is designed to accentuate the most important sounds enabling the user to hear cardiac, pulmonary and vascular sounds. It is a full-range cardiology/pulmonary stethoscope, comes with a non-chill stainless steel chestpiece, is not made with natural rubber latex, and comes with a 10 year warranty. This double-head stethoscope features a bell and flat adult diaphragm, with pediatric diaphragm models available. It has rotatable stainless steel binaurals and interchangeable comfort sealing ear tips. It comes in black, burgundy, navy, forest green, and black pediatric tubing. Also, you can choose the tubing length with this stethoscope!

If you’re searching for a stethoscope that sounds great, check out these today on our website!

You’re Getting Warmer Part 2: Fluid and IV Warmers May 25 2016

In last weeks blog, we discussed the benefits of adding a blanket warmer to your practice. This week in “You’re Getting Warmer Part 1”, we will discuss similar benefits for fluid and IV warmers by Enthermics. 

First, is the DC Series Fluid Warmer which feature a patented cable heating array and an air mixing fan that assures an accurate set-point temperature, balanced air movement, and discreet operation. Also, Enthermics fluid warmers are extremely accurate; it ensures that your fluids are kept at the proper temperature and are always available without the expense and set-up time needed for in-line warming systems. The WarmRight concept ensures that you'll always have the right temperature for the right product! This is important for safety because irrigation and injection fluids need to be warmed to different temperatures. Enthermics warmers are pre-programmed to warm irrigation and injection fluids to different set-point temperatures depending on the choice selected: irrigation fluids to 66°C/150°F, and injection fluids to 40°C/104°F.

This fluid warmer also features a patented multi-zone fluid heating system that actively monitors the temperature in each zone of the cabinet and only provides heat when it is needed, where it is needed; an efficient, balanced heating system allows for low energy consumption and minimal heat loss; flat heating pads that apply heat evenly over a wide area; a coated glass door which reflects heat back into the cavity; efficient and long-lasting LED bulb lights in the interior; an on-board diagnostics alert staff when problems occur, such as power outages; an on-board safety mechanisms prevent fluid overheating, even if a malfunction occurs due to external power surges; audible alarms; easy-to-use, hands-free door handle; spring-loaded door hinge keeps the door open; programmable controls; set temperature can be locked. This product comes in two models: DC250L - 12 One Liter Bottle Capacity or 16 One Liter Bags 21.9'' x 18.4'' x 24.8'' and DC400L - 20 One Liter Bottle Capacity or 28 One Liter Bags 21.9'' x 24'' x 27.1''. This product costs around $3,000. 

Next is the convenient, safe and easy to use Enthermics ivNow Fluid Warmer. This system quickly warms and maintains safe temperatures of intravenous and irrigation fluids. ivNow fluid warmers can be placed on countertops, be wall-mounted, or mounted on mobile equipment stands and are constructed with a lightweight, medical grade plastic housing and an anodized aluminum heat plate.

This product can help your patients maintain normothermia cost-effectively. ivNow medical fluid warmers are cost-effective alternatives to expensive in-line and infusion fluid warming systems that require costly disposables and time to set up. Each fluid warming cavity is separately controlled and features an L.E.D. display. A sensor in the heating plate detects the I.V. bag and engages the heater to quickly warm the fluid. Two temperature sensors continuously monitor the temperature of the fluid bag to maintain the fluid temperature within +0/-2ºC (+0/-3ºF) of the set point temperature. The electronic control monitors how long the bag has been held at temperature, and can be displayed at the touch of a button. The control alerts users when a fluid bag has been held at temperature longer than 14 days. The IV warmer heats to 40°C (104°F) in 30 minutes or less. 

This warmer comes in six models:

ivNow-1 - 1 Bag Capacity (around $1000);
ivNow-2 - 2 Bag Capacity (around $1700);
ivNow-3 - 3 Bag Capacity (around $2400);
ivNow-4 - 4 Bag Capacity, Wall Mount Only (around $3100);
ivNow-5 - 5 Bag Capacity, Wall Mount Only (around $3600); and
ivNow-6 - 6 Bag Capacity, Wall Mount Only (around $4050).


Either system is sure to add some “warmth” to your practice so call us to day for more information!



You’re Getting Warmer: Blanket Warmers May 18 2016

You’re Getting Warmer!…and Warmer!…You’re so close to finding an amazing blanket warmer!

This blog will focus on which blanket warmer is best for your practice. Let’s focus on two series of warmers from Enthermics that ensure a comfortable, pleasant patient experience and improved patient satisfaction. They surround blankets with safe, comfortable, full-wall warmth with a patented multi-zone heating system. Enthermics blanket warmers can be set as high as 93°C/200°F, as much as 28°C/50°F higher than competitive units, to keep blankets warmer longer.

The first blanket warmer we suggest is the Enthermics DC Series Blanket Warmer. This product features flat heating pads, which apply heat evenly over a wide area and an intelligent heating system, which prevents blankets from being overheated. Overheating causes blankets to scorch and discolor. And in case there’s any issue, an audible tone sounds to prevent possible overheating (or if any other problems occur, such as a power outage; there are on-board safety mechanisms that prevent blanket overheating, even if a malfunction occurs due to external power surges). This intelligent warmer features a patented multi-zone heating system, which actively monitors the temperature in each zone of the cabinet and only provides heat when it is needed, where it is needed, making the system energy-efficient. It’s on-board diagnostics and programmable controls put this blanket warmer in a class of its own. 

The design of this product is as attractive as it is smart, featuring a coated, hands-free glass door that reflects heat back into the cavity and an efficient and long-lasting LED bulb lights in its interior. Five sizes are available;

DC150 - Dimensions: 16.9" x 18.5" x 21.8" Capacity: 1.5 cubic ft

DC250 - Dimensions: 21.9" x 18.5" x 24.8" Capacity: 2.5 cubic ft

DC350 - Dimensions: 27.9" x 18.5" x 24.8" Capacity: 3.5 cubic ft

DC400 - Dimensions: 21.9" x 24.0" x 27.0" Capacity: 4.0 cubic ft

DC750 - Dimensions: 34.9" x 24.0" x 27.0" Capacity: 7.5 cubic ft.

Next is the Enthermics EC Series Blanket Warmer, which features energy-efficient full wall warming and patented warming technology that distributes warmth evenly to blankets, akin to the DC series blanket warmers, an electothermal cable in the two sides and bottom of the cabinet and an exclusive, reliable, no-moving-parts warming feature. This product features Precision Electronic Controls and an audible alarm for all overtemp situations like the DC series.

The design of this blanket warmer is excellent, allowing easy of use with touch pad controls on most models, a lock-out function all deluxe blanket warmers for extra security, an easy to view LED readout on all models, snug fitting doors which maintain temperature and conserve heat energy, insulated glass window doors which provide at-a-glance inventory, front door/back door option allowing warmers to be shared between areas, heavy duty hardware, rugged and easy to grip handles with a magnetic latch and large, commercial hinges built to take years of heavy use. This product is offered in five sizes:

EC230 - Dimensions: 20.6" x 16.1" x 27.9" Capacity: 2.3 cubic ft, 4-6 Blankets

EC340 - Dimensions: 33.4" x 17.4" x 28.3" Capacity: 3.4 cubic ft, 10-12 Blankets EC770 - Dimensions: 40.3" x 22.2" x 33" Capacity: 7.7 cubic ft, 20-25 Blankets

EC1540 - Dimensions: 72.7" x 23.9" x 33" Capacity: 15.4 cubic ft, 40-50 Blankets EC2060 - Dimensions: 73.4" x 30.2" x 29.1" Capacity: 20.6 cubic ft, 60-70 Blankets

These are the cold, hard facts about warm, cozy blanket warmers. Visit Mohawk Medical to buy one today!

Product Battle: Midmark Soniclean Ultrasonic Cleaner vs Tuttnauer Clean and Simple Ultrasonic Cleaner May 11 2016

Welcome back readers to another exciting installment of Product Battle! Today's match squares up two Ultrasonic Cleaner Systems: the Tuttnauer Clean & Simple Ultrasonic Cleaner and the Midmark Ritter Soniclean Ultrasonic Cleaner. Let's see how these two challengers compare!  


 The Tuttnauer Clean & Simple Ultrasonic Cleaner wins by a big margin with a price point just above $500, that is over $800 less expensive than the Midmark Ritter Soniclean Ultrasonic Cleaner! Tuttnauer Clean & Simple Ultrasonic Cleaner is clearly the round 1 winner! 


When it comes to Aesthetics, both units feature a simple, clean design. But the Midmark Ritter Soniclean Ultrasonic Cleaner takes this round! It glows with its classic design, its blue-and-white color scheme, and its curved corners. Though the Tuttnauer Clean & Simple Ultrasonic Cleaner is also appealing to the eye, the Midmark product takes the cake in this round. 


With a tied score, it all comes down to the features. And we’re not sure if we can pick a winner! Both products clean instruments using cutting-edge cleaning technology, and both work quietly so as not to be a distraction for their owners. 

The Midmark Ritter Soniclean Ultrasonic Cleaner uses small cavitation bubbles to produce a high frequency in order to penetrate smaller crevices; it is capable of reaching 12-15 watts per square inch (this is generated by the stack transducer combined with the Soniclean's Overlapping Wave Frequency technology). Plus, it is also offered in three sizes; 1.5 gal, 2.5 gal and 5.5 gallons. 

The Tuttnauer Clean & Simple Ultrasonic Cleaner embodies its name, Clean and Simple. They are constructed with the highest quality components and provides 60 khz of cleaning power. This means that the product is less aggressive to instruments while continuing to remove all surface contaminates. There are two sizes available, 1 gallon and 3 gallon, to meet the needs of your office. 

Both system are chock full of features which are important depending on each practice’s individual needs. This back and forth battle has left the judges undecided in this category. 

And the winner is...A TIE!!! Both units are clearly designed with the user in mind. The most important feature in this product category is efficiency and both products offer accuracy and speed when cleaning instruments. Get one today!



Vitacon VitaScan LT Bladder Scanner April 26 2016

Vitacon’s Bladder Scanner is a high-quality, low-cost alternative to scanners that point users in the direction of the bladder. Let’s take a closer look to find out why else it’s such an amazing product. A few terms used to describe the VitaScan LT Bladder Scanner from Vitacon are High-Tech, Simple to Operate & Intuitive, and Compatible (with Numerous Accessories). 


This real-time device features USB connectivity to off-the-shelf tablets, laptops and PCs. Therefore, the VitaScan LT provides limitless opportunities for connectivity, data storage, EMR integration and upgrades. This scanner offers high-quality images, too. 

Simple & Intuitive

The VitaScan LT Software is intuitive and simple to operate. The user controls the entire test from a button on the scanner or using a mouse or touchscreen. Features include ergonomic lightweight handheld design, one button controls, multi-plane scans from one position on the body and three scan depths (10cm for Children, 16cm for Adults and 23cm for Obese). 

Compatible With Numerous Accessories

 Dress up your bladder scanner! The VitaScan LT Bladder Scanner System includes the following products: the VitaScan LT Bladder Scanner; a Commercial Grade Tablet (Black); a VitaScan LT Rolling Medical Cart; and one bottle of Ultrasound Gel. The rolling cart from Vitacon is designed for use with the VitaScan LT Bladder Scanner. It has the following features: adjustable height (foot pedal); a Laptop Plate with Magnetic Mounting Strips; Scanner Probe Holder; Ultrasound Gel Holder; and Disinfectant Wipes Holder.

This scanner comes with a two-year warranty, as well. Combine these important features along with MonsterMed’s extremely low prices, and you have a winning combination.

What color is your stool? April 20 2016

We know people who work in the medical field are used to asking this question, but now it’s our turn to ask it: What Color is your Stool? 

But no, we don’t mean that kind of stool! We mean the kind you sit on! What color—and brand, and type—is your office stool?

 MonsterMed has a large offering of stool manufacturers and we would like to feature two of our best sellers…Midmark and Clinton Industries.  

Midmark manufacturers the 270 Spin Lift Adjustable Stool and the 272 Air Lift Adjustable Stool, both offered with our without a backrest. The backrest gives one the ability to have a more “office-type” of stool. They each cost around $200 and offer a black, plastic composite 5 leg caster base with wheel hoods. The weight capacity for both is 300 pounds and allow height adjustments ranging from 18" - 24.5" in height. The difference between the two stools, is the way you change the height; the Spin Lift requires a simple spin to change heights while the Air Lift features a single lever height control.

Both stools are offered in a variety of upholstery colors, with ultra-premium upholstery colors available with upcharge. Indigo Belagio, Grey Caprim, Tan Firenze, Green Siena, Red Treviso, and Yellow Tuscany are the Midmark Premium Pattern Upholstery Selections. Black, Blueberry, Cashmere Blue, Fossil Grey, Silver Sage, Tea Green, and Terra Cotta are the Midmark Premium Solid Upholstery Selections. Black, Clay, Dusty Blue, Moss, Navy, Pebble Grey, Perfect Plum, and Shadow are the Ritter Upholstry Selections. 

The Clinton Industries stools are colorful, reasonably priced, and reliable. They both cost around $150 and are available with or without a backrest. The Clinton 2130 Spin Lift Stool features an American-Made, one-piece black nylon base with firm polyfoam padding and premium, stain-resistant, woven, knit-backed, vinyl upholstery. The Clinton 2135 Air Lift Stool is comfortable, durable, stylish and featuers a black nylon base and a seat made of premium, stain-resistant, woven, vinyl upholstery. The pneumatic height adjust lever is directly under the seat to make height adjusting effortless. 

Both Clinton stools offer stability with a 5 leg caster base and 2.5" dual wheel casters and fatures 4" thick seats for extra comfort. Furthermore, both can hold 250 pounds under normal use.

The Clinton Industries stools are available in a variety of colors. The Blues and Purples are as follows: Slate Blue; Wedgewood; Royal Blue; and Purplegray. The Greens are as follows: Soft Jade; Willow; Palm Coast; and Emerald. The Earthtones are as follows: Clamshell; Cappuccino; Desert Tan; Allspice; Canyon; and Burgundy. The Grays are as follows: Cream; Warm Gray; Gunmetal; and Black. And the pediatric colors are as follows: Yellow; Tomato; and China Green. 

And if you find you need a stool for stepping instead of sitting, Clinton Industries offers one more stool for under $100.00: the Clinton Step Stool. The Clinton Step Stool features an all welded steel base with a rubber tread top for safety and reinforced rubber feet for added durability. This step stool gives you a 350 lb load capacity under normal use. (Length – 14.25”; Width – 11.25”; and Height – 9”.) This stool only comes in one color, which is the only color you need for a stepping stool: Black. 

You can have a great stool in your favorite color today by going to MonsterMed and buying one now!