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Product Battle: Roche Coaguchek XS System vs. Coag-Sense System April 05 2016

Welcome back readers to another exciting installment of Product Battle! Today's match up squares two PT/INR monitoring systems against one another: The Roche CoaguCheck XS System and the Coag-Sense System. Let's see how these two challengers compare! 


The Coag-Sense PT/INR Monitoring System wins by a big margin with a price point just above $600, that is over $500 less expensive than the CoaguChek XS. The strips used in both machines don't even the playing field either. The Coag-Sense Strips sell for around $180 per box of 50 strips while the CoaguChek strips are over $230 for a box of 48 strips. Both systems offer starter kits at various price points but Coagu-Sense is still less expensive when comparing equivalent kits. Coagu-Sense is the round 1 winner! 


When it comes to Aesthetics, both units feature a simple, clean design. But the Roche CoaguChek takes this round! The Coaguchek shines with its attractive blue-and-white face, easy-to-use buttons, and light-weight design. Plus, the CoaguChek has an easy-to-read digital face that surpasses its Coagu-Sense equivalent.   


With a tied score and only a little time left on the clock, it all comes down to the features. And this one’s close! Both products measure blood-clotting time using the prothrombin time (PT) test and provide reliability in their readings. The Coag-Sense is more of a desktop unit, giving you the stationary feel and security of always knowing where it is, whereas the Roche Coaguchek XS is has more of a mobile feel giving you more flexibility in your practice. Both features have their own pros and cons, which are important depending on each practice’s individual needs. This back and forth battle has left the judges undecided in this category. 

And the winner is...A TIE!!! Both units are clearly designed with the user and patient in mind. The Coag-Sense might be more affordable in the long run, but the CoaguChek is more mobile which is important for many medical practices. The most important feature in this product category is usability and both products offer accuracy and speed when finding PR/INR results. Get one today!

Product Battle: LinkTemp Non-Contact Thermometer vs. Welch Allyn CareTemp Touchless Thermometer November 17 2015

Welcome back fans to another exciting installment of Product Battle! Today’s match up pits two new and exciting no contact Thermometers head to head. No contact thermometers are quickly becoming popular among parents, schools and physician offices since no probe covers are required (savings money in the long run) and the reduction in cross contamination. Let’s see how the Links Medical LinkTemp Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer matches up against the Welch Allyn CareTemp Touchless Thermometer.


LinkTemp, LinkTemp, LinkTemp Non-Contact Thermometer wins by a significant margin. Coming in at under $150 compared to the Welch Allyn CareTemp at just under $200, LinkTemp blows CareTemp out of the water. The low cost brings the LinkTemp Thermometer into the home healthcare market. Customers, including Parents are buying these so fast, we cannot keep them in stock!


The Welch Allyn CareTemp Thermometer looks like a million bucks! That is why the CareTemp takes this category without contestation. The smooth curves, ergonomic shape and cool color palette used to design this product, make it exceptionally well balanced. The CareTemp Thermometer has a large backlit LCD making it easy to read even in the dark.


With the score tied 1-1, it all comes down to the features. In the Price and Aesthetics categories, these two were miles apart. But when we match up the features, the similarities are scary. Both the LinkTemp and the CareTemp are Non-Contact, Touchless Infrared Thermometers. Meaning, the thermometer measures the temperature of a person by the energy it emits. This is different then the temperature you would obtain orally or rectally, but not necessarily better or worse. The LinkTemp Thermometer carries a 1-year warranty where the CareTemp Thermometer doubles it with a 2-year warranty.

And the winner is…A TIE!!! Both units are cleverly designed with the user and patient in mind. LinkTemp might be more affordable, but CareTemp gives you a longer warranty. What needs to be taken away from this Product Battle is usability. Both CareTemp and LinkTemp offer simple temperature measurement with non-invasive techniques. Get one today!


What is an Integrated Diagnostic Wall Set? September 23 2015

So you are in your physician’s exam room for a routine check up. What do you see? You are most likely sitting on an exam table. In the corner we see the most dreaded of all exam room items…the weight scale. Hopefully you received good news when you stepped on that instrument of fear! On the counter top, we see sundry jars filled with cotton tipped applicators and alcohol preps. On the wall we see a few important items. Maybe a red sharps container for needle and syringe disposable, exam glove boxes in their wire brackets and, of course, the Integrated Diagnostic Wall Set.   

You may first ask…What the heck is an Integrated Diagnostic Wall Set? Simple…it’s a set of diagnostic tools that are integrated on a board that is wall mounted. Today’s most popular sets usually include some combination of blood pressure aneroid, thermometer, otoscope, ophthalmoscope, pulse oximeter, specula dispenser, thermometer cover dispenser. And the key word is ‘combination.’ This means that one customer may need only an otoscope and Blood Pressure system, while another customer may only need a pulse oximeter and ophthalmoscope. And guess what, wince they are integrated on the wall board, a customer can buy any configuration they need. 

Next you may ask…Why the heck is in on the wall? The answer is simple…space! You mean the vast vacuum home to the USS Enterprise and Millennium Falcon? No, not that space (but I wonder which one is faster?). We mean counter space.   Think about it. Over the years, the level of care has improved by the introduction of new measurement tools to healthcare professionals. And as physicians added these new items to their exam room, their amount of workable counter space has been reduced. Thus the need to have these measurement tools mounted to the wall.   

And ready for bells and whistles? Some Integrated Diagnostic Wall sets, like the Welch Allyn Connex Integrated Diagnostic Wall Set, are offered with an attached vital signs monitor, feature advanced touch screen controls, feature continuous monitoring for procedures, early warning alarms when a vital reading falls below normal levels, and the ability to communicate electronically to an Electronic Medical Record Software. Pretty cool, huh? 

Purchasing the configuration that best fits your needs may seem a bit tedious with the amount of options available so be sure to call MonsterMed’s customer support team for assistance.



Product Battle: The Battle of Exam Room Packages August 20 2015

It’s a battle of the Exam Room Packages! Both are designed to save you time and money, but does one do those two things better than the other? There is only one way to find out…Let’s battle! 


Clinton clearly wins this round on pricing. At just under $2,500.00, the Clinton Ready Room saves you close to 10% off the standard online prices for each item separately. That means you save time not having to choose between four different side chairs, ten different stools, twenty different combinations of cabinets and so on and so on. It also means you save money by purchasing everything you need in one package. 


Midmark is the industry leader when it comes to design and aesthetics and they are the champs in round two. The Midmark Complete Exam Room Setup gives you more options than Clinton’s Ready Room in both upholstery and laminate colors making it easier to match your office interiors. Clinton Ready Room allows you to choose an upholstery color for the table, stool and chair only. While the Midmark Complete Exam Room Setup gives you the choice of upholstery color as well as cabinet laminate color. You can even choose different colors for each upholstery if you decide, which cannot be done with Clinton’s Ready Room. 


Let’s look at the packages as a whole to determine a winner. The Clinton Ready Room gives you one package, without substitution, that is perfect for remodeling or setting up a new exam room. The only decision to make is the color. This package focuses on quick, easy and inexpensive buying. Midmark’s Complete Setup provides more options including a basic exam room setup, a power exam room setup and a minor procedure room setup while offering more customizable options in color and design. 

This fight has gone the distance and now its up to the judges… 

DRAW! If you are looking for the fastest way to outfit your entire exam room the best value, Clinton Ready Room is the way to go. If you still want an easy way of filling your exam room, but would like a little more customization, look to Midmark Complete Exam Room Setup. Either way, contact MonsterMed Customer Service today for more information.



The NEW Welch Allyn PRO6000 Ear Thermometer is Here! August 12 2015


MonsterMed is incredibly excited for the launch of the Welch Allyn PRO6000 ThermoScan Digital Ear Thermometer. Ever since we first heard whispers about the product in the beginning of year, we have been on the edge of our seats waiting for the launch announcement. We have finally received it! 

The Welch Allyn PRO6000 ThermoScan Digital Ear Thermometer has a number of new features and functions that improve upon the popular PRO4000 Thermometer. The PRO6000 will round out Welch Allyn’s industry leading line of thermometers, which includes the SureTemp Plus 690, SureTemp Plus 692 and CareTemp Touch Free. The Welch Allyn PRO6000 Ear Thermometer will start shipping on September 1, 2015. 

The PRO6000 Digital Ear Thermometer’s key feature is PerfecTemp Technology, which provides superior measurement accuracy without the need for precise positioning in the ear. It also corrects for shallow placement in the ear, which is a common issue that results in low readings. The PRO6000 has a superior user interface design with a large, backlit display that’s easier to read in low room light conditions and is located on the back of the device for easy viewing. The ergonomic handle design fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to hold and operate while audible and visual cues will help guide the operator on proper use. Clinical workflow enhancements include a 60 second pulse timer for manual measurement of respirations or pulse, a dedicated memory recall, C/F scale conversion operation buttons and the ability to set temperature scale default to Celsius or Fahrenheit. The PRO6000 integrates with the Connex Spot Monitor to simplify EMR data transfer and reduce user error. 

In addition to the PRO6000’s improvements, there have also been improvements on the disposable probe covers as well. The new probe covers for the PRO6000 feature a flange design that prevent unauthorized “knock-off” probe covers to be used which could   potentially jeopardize reading accuracy and damage the device.

The PRO6000 ThermoScan Digital Ear Thermometer is ideal for medical environments including ICU, PACU, ED, Triage, Surgical Floors, Blood Banks, Dialysis, Long Term Care, School Health, Pediatrics, Family Practice, Internal Medicine and more. It is the ideal choice for critical patient measurement applications requiring higher precision accuracy. Order your PRO6000 today!



The New Age of Exam Room Setup is Here! August 06 2015

One person in an office takes on so many challenges these days, making it difficult to find time for new tasks. Setting up new exam rooms or updating old ones can be a challenge since it is not part of someone’s daily routine. Luckily, Clinton Industries has rectified that situation with their Ready Room – a Complete Exam Room Setup. The Ready Room package comes complete with the essential exam room equipment items, removing all of the research involved with setting up an exam room, all for one low price. The only questions you have to answer is…what color? 

Clinton’s Ready Room Exam Room Setup includes an Exam Table, Wall Cabinet, Base Cabinet with Sink, Glove Box Holder, Pneumatic Stool, Waste Receptacle and a Patient Side Chair. Separately, these are great products from an industry leader, but together they create a great looking, fully functional exam room for an amazing price. Here is a look at a few of the products included. 

Clinton 8890 Exam Table

The Family Practice Exam Table has been one of Clinton’s flagship products for many, many years. They have recently upgraded the Family Practice Exam Table by adding a footstep to help patients access the table. It features a 400lb weight capacity, 2” firm vinyl upholstery, a full 27” width for patient comfort and easy-to-adjust backrest. Including the 8890 Exam Table with Clinton’s Ready Room is a huge bonus for the customer and patient.

Clinton Wall and Base Cabinet with Sink

Clinton Exam Room Cabinets are built to last. They feature tough, chip resistant edges, easy-clean laminate surfaces, soft-close euro-style hinges, a 3.5” high backsplash and a multitude of doors and drawers for storage and organization. You cannot find a better value for medical cabinetry that will also last as long as Clinton’s Wall and Base Cabinets.   

Clinton Pneumatic Stool

Clinton could have decided to include a basic spin-lift physician stool with their Ready Room Exam Room Setup, but they didn’t. They decided instead to include a premium   Fully Pneumatic Exam Stool that features a thick padded seat, a black nylon 5-leg base for stability, dual nylon wheel casters, pneumatic height adjustment and a premium stain-resistant vinyl upholstery top. This stool has a 250 lb weight capacity and is one of the most popular stools MonsterMed sells. It really is a great addition to Clinton’s Ready Room Exam Room Setup

All of the products in Clinton’s Ready Room are individually proven popular products. By combining them, Clinton is adding even more value while saving everyone time in choosing separate products to fill up an exam room. MonsterMed Customer Service Representatives are waiting to quote you on 1, 2 or more Ready Room setups, so call us today!

Which Spirometer is best for your office? July 23 2015

As the stores begin to display their “back to school” supplies and prepare for the rush of eager children and parents, we at MonsterMed are preparing Pediatricians with the best supplies and equipment to perform annual physical exams. If your office does not perform pulmonary function testing during their physical exams, now is the time to start. If your office already is testing, then now is the time to upgrade your device. 

We at MonsterMed offer the best quality spirometers on the market today…devices like the Midmark Iqspiro PC Based Spirometer, the NDD EasyOne Diagnostic Spirometer and the Welch Allyn SpiroPerfect PC Based Spirometer. But how do you choose the unit that is best suited for you? Let’s take a play from our Product Battle Posts and compare these three units in Price, Aesthetics and Features.

Pricing plays a huge role in deciding what medical equipment is best for your office. At MonsterMed, we pride ourselves on keeping the prices as low as possible and the lowest online anywhere. If price is your largest factor in choosing a spirometer for your office, then look to the NDD EasyOne Plus Diagnostic Spirometer. Packages start at under $1,500.00 for a device that has an amazing track record.   NDD focuses their offering strictly on pulmonary devices, solidifying themselves as one of the leaders in the industry.


In an era where simplicity is king, the Welch Allyn SpiroPerfect PC Based Spirometer is as simple as they come. The unit looks like a USB flash drive with a cord and a mouthpiece attached, making it an ideal device for space conscious offices.   The small and simple design keeps kids calm and comfortable. Welch Allyn has mastered design with the simplest approach, making it the device for Aesthetics focused customers. 

While price and aesthetics are import to some, features are important to others. The Midmark Iqspiro PC Based Spirometer has been molded, shaped and polished with the device operator and patient in mind. Lightweight and portable, the Midmark Iqspiro can be brought from room to room with ease. The incentive screen engages children with fun activities to keep their focus and practitioners can easily dispose of the mouthpiece without ever touching it, saving time and money by not needing exam gloves. 

Any one of these three units will be a win for your office…but the real winner is your patient. They will have a pulmonary test done during their annual physical exam, which can detect issues that would otherwise have gone unnoticed and treated.   Still need help deciding which unit is best for you? Give MonsterMed a call so we can help!  








3 Essential Family Practice Office Products July 16 2015

We at MonsterMed are PROS at setting up new offices, especially Family Practices who love our low prices and our 24/7 online ordering system. While every office orders differently, here are three products that are very common and essential to your Family Practice Office.

Clinton Family Practice Exam Table

This general use Exam Table is perfect for the Family Practice and not only because it’s named that. The Clinton Family Practice Exam Table carries a low price, running under $700, with most of the same features you can find on a $1,200 Exam Table. Value like that is extremely appealing to new practices. Clinton recently redesigned their Family Practice Exam Table by adding an optional built-in Step-Stool. The Family Practice Exam Table features a wide variety of stylish colors, which are sure to match to your office design, and ample storage space that is essential for space-restricted offices. 

Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope

Though its name may suggest, 3M’s Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope is not just for cardiology. It is specially designed for improved acoustic performance and exceptional adaptability, featuring an extremely versatile double-sided adult or pediatric chest piece. The clear sound quality the Littmann Cardiology III produces gives Family Practice practitioners the best chance for an accurate diagnosis. 

Welch Allyn 777 Integrated Wall System

There are few things that you count on being visible in any exam room…one is a diagnostic wall system.   The Welch Allyn 777 Integrated Wall System is essential to any Family Practice because of its affordability, security and availability. The 777 Integrated Wall System gives the practitioner everything needed to make an accurate diagnosis, within an arms reach. Did we mention that they are completely customizable? Combine blood pressure, otoscope, ophthalmoscope, specula dispenser, thermometry, vital signs monitor, clock, handle charger and more in one convenient, secure location. 

If you are setting up your office or updating your current equipment, give MonsterMed a call. We can help you customize your office to meet your needs while saving you $$$.



Spotlight Vendor - Midmark July 10 2015

The Midmark Company’s stylish and affordable line of products continues to improve healthcare, as they have for the last 100 years! That’s right, they are celebrating 100 years in business right now with their portfolio of products that includes Procedure and Exam Tables, Medical Casework, Diagnostic Equipment, Procedure and Exam Lights, Sterilization Equipment, and much more. The Midmark Ritter 204 Manual Exam Table has become a staple in today’s exam room, while their line of cardiology products, including the IQecg Electrocardiograph and Iqspiro Digital Spirometer, has quickly become a favorite among cardiology specialists. 

The Midmark story began in 1915 with the Cummings Machine Company, a manufacturer of concrete mixers owned by E.C Cummings. By 1925, after acquisitions and changes on the board of directors, Industrial Equipment Company was born. In 1967, four medical products with blueprints were purchased, paving their entrance in the medical market. Moving the company to Versailles Ohio in 1969 and reinventing the company, dawned a new identity, Midmark. Since then, the company continues to thrive as an innovator in Medical technologies. 

Then, in the early 2000’s, Midmark put their innovative spin on the Brentwood line of Cariology products distinguishing them as not just another table manufacturer. The IQecg Electrocardiograph, the Iqspiro Digital Spirometer and Iqvitals Vital Signs Monitor were all designed to improve office workflow and patient comfort and when improving onteh Brentwood design, Midmark’s design team spoke with the doctors, nurses and technicians that use these devices to see what they wanted. This “listening to the customer” approach helped to upgrade the already popular Iqmark series to the products popular today. 

Now in 2015, they continue to innovate and re-invent their product base. The release of the 630 HumanForm Power Procedures Table proves just that, offering natural movement that complements the human body like no other table on the market today. Key improvements were made to create the HumanForm Procedure Table including Motion Profiling, Active Sensing Technology and a Premium Comfort System. 

Midmark continues to innovate and improve their products. Check out MonsterMed for great prices on Midmark’s line of Medical Equipment.



Trending Products - Welch Allyn Connex ProBP Digital Blood Pressure Device June 18 2015

One of the most popular Blood Pressure products on the market is the Welch Allyn Connex ProBP 3400 Digital Blood Pressure Device. And for good reason…the ProBP has quickly become a favored Blood Pressure option among healthcare professionals because of its feature rich design and sleek look.   Let’s take a look at the ProBP 3400 Digital Blood Pressure Device and find out what makes it so popular.  

Four terms are used to describe the Connex ProBP 3400 Digital Blood Pressure Device; Portable, Accurate, Reliable and Connected. 



The small handheld design makes the ProBP 3400 easy to carry and capture readings in any surrounding, even a triage setting. The lithium ion battery delivers up to 100 readings on a single charge, allowing everything to be completed without down time for recharging. An optional mobile stand with your ProBP 3400 Digital Blood Pressure Device adds a level of security to your highly portable device. 


Welch Allyn’s Connex ProBP meets the AAMI standard for blood pressure accuracy. Add in the optional SureBP technology and you have a device that offers great advantages in speed and patient comfort.


With AAMI/BHS-AA-certified accuracy, SureBP Blood Pressure Technology that captures reading in only 15 seconds and the ability to work with cuffs ranging from small child to thigh, the ProBP 3400 Digital Blood Pressure Device is a reliable alternative to manual sphygmomanometers. ProBP’s proven technology can minimize error codes even in the presence of motion or weak pulse, giving you more time to focus on your patient. 


Connex ProBP comes connectivity-ready, allowing you to integrate it with most electronic health records systems. Connected devices can help reduce documentation and improve efficiency. 

Combine these important features along with MonsterMed’s extremely low prices, and you have a winning combination.



Product Battle: Newman DigiDop II Pocket Doppler vs Summit Lifedop Handheld Doppler June 10 2015

This fight is going to be one for the record books. The more experienced Summit Lifedop Doppler seems to have brand recognition in their corner. But the newly designed Newman DigiDop II Doppler has a few tricks up its sleeve to possibly steer those followers away. Let’s see what happens in this edition of Product Battle.


Currently sitting, this category might have a draw for the first time. With an identical price point for the base, non-display models (Summit Lifedop L150 Doppler and Newman DigiDop II Doppler), we have to look at the prices on the display models, which are virtually the same. Slight advantage goes to the Newman DigiDop II Doppler with a slightly lower price on replacement probes and display models.


The simple design of the Summit Lifedop Handheld Doppler gives it the edge in this category, but not by much. The Newman DigiDop II Doppler has a more stylish body, but it is the simple design that appeals to the users of these devices.


As always, this bout will come down to the features. Each device has it’s own unique skill-set but is basically used for the same thing. Both the Newman DigiDop II Doppler and the Summit Lifedop Handheld Doppler offer a wide range of Doppler probes from 2Mhz to 8Mhz while also offering the option of a Recharger to save on batteries. Each unit offers a economic non-display version as well. Let’s dig a little deeper though. The Newman DigiDop II Pocket Doppler features an interesting magnetic probe holder. While it is nice to know that your probe holder cannot break off it is believed that the Summit Lifedop Doppler’s clip style probe holder is more secure for the probe itself. The Newman DigiDop II does have a 5-year warranty, which beats the pants off the Summit Lifedop’s 2-year warranty. 

These two fantastic devices are just to close to choose a winner, but someone has to be declared the winner. We went back and reviewed the fight film and our judges have reached a decision. The winner is you! Purchase either of these units and you win!

We LOVE our Customer Reviews! June 05 2015

We would like to take a moment to share a few of the excellent reviews our customers have left on our site. We never tire hearing how much customers love our products and service. Here are just a few reviews that we can’t stop reading.



Great Product and Company

James Madira M.D. on Jun 05, 2015 for Midmark IQecg Digital ECG

When my office manager suggested that we purchase a new ECG, I knew the company to call. I purchased the IQspiro from Monstermed previously, so I knew that they would not disappoint me. Sure enough, 15 minutes after my purchase, I had my UPS tracking information. Now I have a Midmark Spirometer and ECG that use the same software and communicate with our computer system flawlessly. Forever a customer - James

Fast Shipping

James Madira M.D. on May 11, 2015 for Midmark IQSpiro Digital Spirometer

I ordered this unit because the price was the lowest I found. My local dealer would not even come close to this price. 10 minutes after I placed the order, I received an email with the tracking information. Unbelievable!

Wonderful Product

Vince on Jun 30, 2014 for DinoLite Digital Earscope Otoscope

Other Digital Otoscopes are around $500, but for a little less than $300 I found this one. The picture is clear and being able to show the patients what I am looking at makes it much easier to explain. It is a nice buy!

Satisfied Customer

Mckenna R on Jun 12, 2014 for Midmark 204 Exam Table

I could not believe the price MonsterMed offered on the 204 Exam Table. It was $400 lower than my local supplier! The delivery company was very professional and did everything I needed them to do as well. #SatisfiedCustomer

That was just a handful of our favorites. Thank you to everyone that leaves feedback and reviews. Who knows, maybe someday your review will show in a Blog post like this.