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Time for Some Screening! May 29 2015

It’s that time of year when schools begin screening current and new students for vision and hearing. It’s also that time of year for schools to use up that access budget for new equipment. This gives educational health offices the perfect opportunity to invest in a Welch Allyn VS100 Vision Screener or an OAE Hearing Screener. Either of these units will make yearly screenings quick and easy, perfect for kids! 

Welch Allyn VS100 Vision Screener

This unit was recently demoed for MonsterMed at our semi-annual vendor conference. Our reps were given eye exams right at the Welch Allyn booth. (In fact, I have some issues with my eyes that I didn’t even know existed and could be the cause of my migraines-my official doctor’s appointment is next week). The VS100 Vision Screener has been far more popular then expected and the customer’s feedback once they use the system is even more proof. When we say that this unit is easy-to-use, we should actually be saying ridiculously easy-to-use. The operator points the VS100 at the patients face, clicks a button and seconds later they have a read out, notifying the tester of any issues. 

Welch Allyn OAE Hearing Screener

The new OAE Hearing Screener from Welch Allyn truly is the next generation of ear care. It can objectively screen for hearing loss in children from newborn to school-age in about 10 seconds. This fast and accurate testing is a must have for any school with a large population. Adding to the speed of the device, the 4-button operation makes the OAE Hearing Screener even easier to use then before. The last important feature that we are going to highlight is the 15 hours of run time on a single charge. Simply charge the unit overnight and run it for the entirety of the following workday! 

One or two nurses usually test the entire school within the span of 2-4 weeks. That’s a lot of work on top of their normal tasks. Why not make it easier for your staff and use that excess budget for a Welch Allyn VS100 Vision Screener and a Welch Allyn OAE Hearing Screener from MonsterMed?



Vendor Spotlight - Welch Allyn May 21 2015

We are excited to announce a new blog series, the Vendor Spotlight! In these posts, we will showcase a vendor within Healthcare.   And who better to start with than a company who just expanded their portfolio with some new and exciting products?   Here is our Welch Allyn Vendor Spotlight! 

Almost every Medical Professional knows the name Welch Allyn, but how much is actually known about the company itself? Welch Allyn is celebrating their 100th year as a Healthcare Manufacturing Powerhouse with products like their Macroview Otoscope, Panoptic Ophthalmoscope and Green Series 777 Diagnostic Wall Sets. With products like these, it is no wonder why it is the most highly searched for brand of medical products. Since 1915, Welch Allyn has continually applied practical innovations to further healthcare technology progress and help healthcare professionals delivery better care. Dr. Francis Welch and William Noah Allyn founded Welch Allyn with the vision to help transform care, and today, their vision stands firm with their third generation ownership and a diverse list of product categories available in 26 different countries. 

Virtually every exam room that you step into has at least one Welch Allyn product in it. Consistently seen is the discontinued Welch Allyn 767 Diagnostic Wall Set or it’s more advanced predecessor Welch Allyn 777 Diagnostic Wall Set. The 777 Wall Set is customizable to each office’s needs. Otoscope, Ophthalmoscope, Blood Pressure, Thermometry and even Vital Signs, can all be added to a configuration. The 777 puts all of these important diagnostic devices within an arms reach of your patient, while giving them all a home so they do not get misplaced. 

Welch Allyn continues to stand among the industry leaders continuing to improve their product line with new and exciting products. If you have not had a chance to see their new line of products, be sure to check out the VS100 Spot Vision Screener and the CareTemp Touchless Thermometer. These 2 new products from Welch Allyn were showcased at a recent convention that MonsterMed was privileged to be a part of. Our employees were able to see these products in action and the results are astounding!



Frequently Asked Questions: Exam Tables May 11 2015

With hundred of calls daily, many include FAQ’s on our best selling products. We at MonsterMed proudly introduce our new blog segment, Frequently Asked Questions:   Let’s start with Exam Tables. 

Since one of our most popular exam tables is the Midmark 204 Exam Table, we receive many calls each day to purchase and/or ask information about the table. Questions include things like upholstery thickness and weight capacity, but most common is the difference between the two upholstery tops, Stitched or Seamless. The 204 is offered with your choice of a Soft-Touch Stitched or Seamless Upholstery Top. The main difference between the two tops is the Seamless Upholstery Top is much easier to clean because it does not have any stitches or folds in the upholstery, plus it’s unique, sleek look. Another FAQ for the Midmark 204 Exam Table is assembly. The upholstery top and drawer panel covers is offered in a separate box than the exam table base. Attaching the top to the table is unbelievable easy and there are instructions as well as YouTube videos online to explain it further.

An exam table that is gaining popularity fast, because of its competitive price, is the Clinton 8870 Family Practice Exam Table. One of the most common questions asked by customers looking for an Exam Table is the difference between this and the Midmark 204 Exam Table. These two Exam Tables recently hashed it out in our battle-dome during one of out Product Battle Blog Posts. Click here to see that battle. Again, assembly is a common question and very easy to answer for the 8870. It comes fully assembled and ready to use right off the pallet. 

Recently, we have been being asked about Midmark’s 223 Barrier-Free Power Exam Table. Commonly asked is whether or not an office needs to own a table like this. Our answer is always yes! Every office should own at least one Barrier-Free Power Exam Table if they are seeing many young, elderly, disabled or expecting patients. The Midmark 223 Barrier-Free Power Exam Table will make this population of patient’s trip to the office a much more enjoyable visit with a barrier-free access to the table. 

These are just some of the most common questions that are asked about Exam Tables. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate asking our friendly and helpful customer service representatives.



New and Exciting Welch Allyn Products April 28 2015

Welch Allyn has an exciting slate of new products for 2015. Let’s take a quick look at some of these new and soon to be released products. 

CareTemp Touchless Infrared Thermometer

The newly released CareTemp Touchless Thermometer offers speed and efficiency without touching the patient. The CareTemp Thermometer can obtain readings from 4-6cm away from the center of the patient’s forehead with its infrared sensor. The measurement distance feedback system detects proper or improper measuring distance, keeping accuracy at an all time high. The CareTemp is quickly becoming very popular with its amazing price point. 

Braun Pro6000 Ear Thermometer

The Welch Allyn Braun Pro6000 Ear Thermometer will feature a better user experience with clinical workflow. It will have a back-lit display and dedicated function buttons for a 60 second pulse timer, C/F scale conversion and last temperature memory recall. With fast captures readings in only 2-3 seconds; this will surely be a high-end Ear Thermometer.

Connex Spot Vital Signs Monitor

Another newly released unit is the Connex Spot Vital Signs Monitor. This monitor is designed to automatically obtain vital signs including blood pressure, temperature and SpO2. The Connex Spot Monitor features optional wireless connectivity, accuracy with the patient in any position and adaptability with changing EMR. This touch-screen device connects directly to your EMR and transmits patient data from the point of care. Optional Nonin, Covidien or Masimo Pulse Oximetry gives the user a variety of options. 

ProBP 2400 Digital Blood Pressure Device

Soon to be released (est. June 2015) is the ProBP 2400 Digital Blood Pressure Device. It is a budget friendly digital blood pressure device that provides features specifically suited for the professional environment. The ProBP provides a 3-reading average and manual mode making it well suited for a wide range of clinical situations. 


Check back with MonsterMed for the products that are not yet released and check out the new products that are available now.



Product Battle: Exergen Temporal Scanner Thermometer vs. Welch Allyn CareTemp Touchless Thermometer April 16 2015

The battle for infrared thermometer superiority is about to begin. How will the well know heavyweight Exergen Temporal Scanner Thermometer compare to the newcomer Welch Allyn CareTemp Touchless Thermometer? Let’s not draw this out any longer, Let’s get it on! 


Welch Allyn thought of everything with their New CareTemp Touchless Thermometer, including the price point. More than $100 less than the Exergen Temporal Thermometer, the CareTemp certainly wins this category. Don’t let that low price fool you though. Welch Allyn is known for quality with all of their products. 


 While some may enjoy the sleek look of the Welch Allyn CareTemp Thermometer, many feel the Exergen Temporal Scanner Thermometer looks like a more complete unit. The black display backdrop allows the bright red digital letters to really stands out for easy readings. With two categories down and still no clear winner, this contest will come down to features. 


Both of these units use an infrared sensor for their readings and offer quick, accurate results. The difference is in the distance needed away from the patient. The Exergen Thermometer needs to be placed on the patients forehead and swiped across a temporal artery but is gentle enough to be used while the patient is sleeping. The Welch Allyn CareTemp Thermometer needs to be between 4-6 cm away from the center of the patient’s forehead. While no skin contact will eliminate cross-contamination and the need for disposable covers, the user needs to concentrate on the distance that they are away from the patient. Another difference is in the warranty with each product. While the Welch Allyn CareTemp offers a generous 2 Year Warranty, the Exergen Temporal Thermometer offers an even more generous Lifetime Warranty. 

You cannot buy a bad unit if you go with either of these, which is why it is impossible to choose a winner. We have given you the differences, now it is up to you on which ones you feel are more beneficial to you and your facility.


Tales from Customer Service – Autoclave Delivery April 09 2015

In our previous blog post, we mentioned a situation where a medical office manager   purchased their autoclave from one of the “wimpy other guys.”   The company uses a questionable delivery service and in this instance, the deliveryman forgot his delivery cart so he rolled the very expensive autoclave on the ground, end-over-end, into the facility. There is more to this story that we would like to share with you. 

In a fit of rage, the office manager called us. We assumed it was our sale and as we prepared to assist the customer, they informed us, “well, I didn’t buy it from” We replied, “If it is damaged, you need to contact the company you purchased it from.” To our surprise, she replied, “I did…and they will do nothing about it!” No wonder she was upset, wouldn’t you be?   She was calling us to see if there was a way we could help her. We at always go the extra mile to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.   But in this instance, the office manager did not purchase the autoclave from us…did we turn her away…Of Course Not!   We were there to pickup our competitor’s customer service. 

When Kathy called Nichole, one of our extremely talented Customer Service Representatives, saying that one of our competitors told her that the damages to her newly purchased Midmark M11 Autoclave were her (Kathy’s) fault, Nichole was disturbed that Kathy was treated that way. Kathy is the same customer that watched the delivery man roll her unit into the office end over end. I guess for our competitors, the customer is not always right. 

Kathy did not want to deal with that competitor anymore and wanted to purchase her unit from us. Nichole immediately sprang into action and told Kathy exactly what she had to do. Kathy’s new Midmark M11 Autoclave was packaged and ready to ship before they hung up the phone. Nichole then called our Shipping Representative in advance to make sure that this unit would be shown the handling respect that it needs. Our Representative called ahead to the delivery terminal in Kathy’s area, and spoke with her normal delivery man who assured our Representative that he would “handle with care”. 

Kathy received her new Midmark M11 Autoclave from MonsterMed two days later in perfect condition. There was even a little extra surprise in the package just to make her day brighter. After a long battle, with our assistance, Kathy did receive credit from our competitor on the damaged unit but has chosen for all of her medical equipment needs.



Shipping and Handling of your Newly Purchased Autoclave April 07 2015

If you are one of the many awesome customers who have purchased a Midmark Autocalve or Tuttnauer Autoclave from MonsterMed, you are sure you are completely satisfied with your order. How do we know this?   Easy…we are autoclave-shipping pros!   If you choose to purchase your system from one of the “wimpy other guys,” you run a chance of having your system damaged. We’d like to take a moment to share some information on autoclave shipping. 

Simply put, shipping an Autoclave is difficult. Why?   There are four main reasons…Autoclaves are Large, Heavy, Expensive, and Fragile. We have heard horror stories from physicians including one office who decided to purchase from a company other than When their autoclave arrived, they watched in awe as the delivery man, who had forgot his delivery cart, rolled their newly purchased Midmark M11 Autoclave into their facility, on the ground, end over end. Due to the large size of these units, they are not always handled with care, so it is very important to inspect your unit when it is delivered. This way, if there is any damage, it can be reported immediately or refused. When unpacking your Sterilizer, we recommend two or more people to lift the unit. It is very important not to lift the Autoclave by the door handle or the water reservoir cap.   Systems like the Tuttnauer EZ11plus Autoclave, have large handles that are very tempting to grab. These handles are not meant to burden any weight from the top or bottom and will often bend or warp making the door seal broken. 

Staying in compliance with the manufacturer guidelines for maintenance is a must and can add years to the life of your system. For the Midmark M11 Autoclave, it is recommended that on a weekly basis, the water reservoir is drained, trays and racks are washed using mild soap and fresh clean distilled water is put in. On a monthly basis, the system should be flushed and the filter screens should be cleaned. For the Tuttnauer EZ11plus Autoclave, on a daily basis the door gasket and outside rim of the chamber should be cleaned with a mild detergent. On a weekly basis, clean and descale the chamber, copper tubes and the reservoir using their Chamber-Brite Autoclave Cleaner. 

The best way to keep your Autoclave operating at the highest level is to respect it. This is an investment for your office and it should be treated that way. MonsterMed only carries Ritter by Midmark and Tuttnauer brand Autoclaves, because they are the best in the industry. They should last you a long time with proper treatment and that is something that everyone can respect!



Does Size Matter? March 26 2015

Does Size Matter? 

Huh? What we mean is, does the length of your stethoscope tubing affect the sound quality of your Stethoscope? The answer is not as clear as one would think. Littmann offers a short tube option to many of their stethoscopes including the Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope and the Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope. We guess a better way of asking that questions is “What is the advantage of having a short tube stethoscope?” 

The best way to answer this is in the form of a comparison. Compare the length of a stethoscope tube to a garden hose. The longer the length of a garden hose, the less pressure at the end of the hose. This is due to frictional and other internal forces and the same idea can go for the tube of a stethoscope. The sound from the bell has to travel the entire length of the tube to reach the ears, which bounces many times, slowing down after each time. For a stethoscope, the difference in acoustic pressure is not noticeable by the human ear. The difference is so small, you will never notice and it will not affect your ability to diagnose. That being said, there is an advantage since resonant frequency decreases as tubing length increases. This provides a better response to the lower frequency sounds as it has been shown that the human ear is not as sensitive to low frequency sounds. Thus any improvement to those frequencies can be a big advantage. Again, these differences are so small, the human ear cannot distinguish a difference.

So, when choosing a stethoscope, size DOES matter (WE KNEW IT!!!) but not in regards to the sound quality. Look at it this way, if you purchase a Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope in a 22” Tube, it will put you 5” closer to the patient then the standard 27” tube. Many professionals appreciate the additional 5” when dealing with sick patients especially. The longer tube also allows less bending which causes stress on the lower back.

Product Battle: Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope vs. ADC Adscope Platinum Cardiology Stethoscope March 19 2015


Do we know how to pick em’ or do we know how to pick em’? The battle for Cardiology Stethoscope supremacy is more like a war. Top contenders have been brought together for this must read battle. We are throwing the ever-popular Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope and the sleek looking ADC Adscope Platinum Cardiology Stethoscope, into the ring. No more jawing, let’s rumble! 


Boom! The ADC Adscope Platinum Cardiology Stethoscope delivers the first devastating blow. With a significantly lower price, the ADC Adscope takes an early advantage. Gaining the early advantage in a battle like this can prove very useful later on. You will receive no argument from anyone on the winner for this category. 


So close in design, these two stethoscopes can only be separated in this category by their color options. Squeaking past their counterpart, the Littmann Master Cardiology offers a few more color options, which includes a sleek black finish head with an olive color tube. The Littmann Master Cardiology also features a short tube option. While the short tube offers no detectable difference in acoustical performance, some practitioners prefer either/or. These two options give the Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope the advantage in aesthetics. 


Similarities between these two stethoscopes are staggering, so let’s start there. Both Stethoscopes are pressure sensitive. The user simply presses lightly for low frequency sounds and more pressure for higher frequencies. This important feature removes the need for removing the chest-piece to turn it and gives the user complete control. The tubing on both stethoscopes will retain their shape and flexibility and is resistant to skin oils and other harmful liquids. Differences are subtle but there are some present. As mentioned above, the Master Cardiology offers a 22” short tube option. This option is strictly personal preference and has no bearing on the sound quality, but the option is not there with the ADC Adscope. In regards to warranty, the ADC Adscope offers a Lifetime Warranty that covers all parts, compared to the Littmann Master Cardiology offering 7 years. 

How can you choose a winner when two stethoscopes have so much to offer? The only differences lay with their Warranties, Colors and Lengths. Most of which can be considered personal preference. The most important characteristic about a stethoscope is quality of sound. Both of these units are leaders in that feature with years of experience. You cannot go wrong with either the Littmann Master Cardiology or ADC Adscope Platinum Cardiology Stethoscopes. Get yours today!



How We Ship Medical Exam Tables March 12 2015

We at are experts in shipping and delivery of all types of Medical Exam Tables. Many medical practices don’t know that they are able to purchase large medical tables such as the Ritter 204 Exam Table or 630 HumanForm Procedure Table, online. But these types of tables are easily shipped across the U.S. Plus, when you buy a table online, you are able to view all possible options and accessories that are available, such as table top upholstery colors and styles. And though coordinating the delivery for a 300+ pound piece of equipment seems difficult, its not for us pros! 

We would like to take a moment to explain the shipping procedure of a large item like a medical table. 

-Information needed for a shipping quote

There are many factors that come into play when obtaining a delivery quote. Being table shipping pros, we are able to answer most trucking questions without needing to bother you. In most cases, all we need from you to obtain a quote is your zip code, quantity of tables and the type of delivery you prefer. A request from a customer can look as simple as this: “I need a white glove rate for a 204 exam table to zip code 17403”. Simplicity made simple! Our specialists will then contact numerous trucking agencies to obtain the best rate. 

-Basic Delivery

Truck deliveries are not as clear-cut as UPS or FedEx deliveries. Each service carries additional fees. The most inexpensive and basic truck delivery is Dock to Dock. Dock to Dock includes a simply delivery to a dock at your facility and is only an option if your facility has a dock for the truck to back up to. If the delivery location does not have a Loading/Unloading Dock, you would have to use the next option Liftgate Delivery. Also called Curbside Delivery, Liftgate Delivery costs more that Dock Delivery because a trailer with a Liftgate is needed for bringing the shipment to the ground. All that is included with this option is bringing the shipment to the ground for the customer. 

-Inside Delivery

Any additional handling of merchandise by the delivery company will increase the delivery cost. Inside Delivery can be misleading at times for customers. While the name implies that the table will be brought inside, the accessibility will determine how far it will be taken. The delivery company will only bring the shipment as far as the pallet will allow. If the pallet is too large to fit through the door of the facility, it will not be brought inside. This is where a majority of problems occur with this type of service. If you question whether this will be an issue for your delivery, contact us for the size of the pallet and measure your entrance way to determine if there will be an issue. 

-White Glove Delivery

The most popular and delivery option is White Glove which takes the work out of the customer hands and puts it into ours. With White Glove Service, you will receive a phone call prior to delivery to schedule a delivery date and time. On that date, our agents will show up with an assembled, unpacked exam table, ready for installation. They will then bring the table to the room of your choice and remove all shipping debris. The only thing you have to do is have the space for the table clear. This is the most popular option for delivery of an exam table. 

Being we deliver so many tables, we have built a nationwide delivery network at the most competitive prices available, and we pass those savings onto you, our beloved customer.   Give us a call today and upgrade that old exam table. You will be happy you did!

2015 Midmark Procedures Table and Diagnostics Promotion March 05 2015

After a terrific year in 2014, Midmark Corporation is starting 2015 off with a bang!   Midmark rolled out their Procedures Table promotion a month early and included a couple of Diagnostic products as well. There is no telling what other Midmark promotions will be available throughout the year so now may be the best time to buy!   

From February 2, 2015 through May 29, 2015, Midmark is offering the following end user rebates for select Procedures Tables: 

Midmark 630 HumanForm Procedures Table - $750 Rebate from Midmark

The 630 HumanForm Procedures Table offers true natural movements that compliment the human body. By positioning patients in more natural positions, the physician gets a clearer view of the surgical area. 

Midmark 641 Procedures Chair - $750 Rebate from Midmark

The 641 Procedures Chair gives versatile positioning with increased patient comfort.

Midmark 647 Podiatry Procedures Chair$300 Rebate from Midmark

The 647 Podiatry Procedures Chair offers a full range of movement including power height with a large foot section, perfect for podiatry procedures.

Midmark 646 Podiatry Procedures Chair - $200 Rebate from Midmark

The 647 Podiatry Procedures Chair gives you a fixed height of 21” and a large foot section, perfect for podiatry procedures.

 Midmark 230 Procedures Table - $300 Rebate from Midmark

The 230 Procedures Table is universal for both examinations and procedures. Perfect for the office that is limited in space.


As a bonus, Midmark has included some select Diagnostic products to this promotion.

Midmark Iqspiro Digital Spirometer - 200 Rebate from Midmark

The Iqspiro Digital Spirometer focuses on speed, accuracy and simplicity making it a cost-effective diagnostic tool for any office setting.

Midmark Iqvitals Vital Signs Monitor - $300 Rebate from Midmark with SpO2 or $200 Rebate from Midmark without SpO2

The Iqvitals is an affordable, touch-screen, portable Vital Signs Monitor that is easy to use.

Midmark Iqvitals PC Digital Vital Signs Monitor - $300 Rebate from Midmark with SpO2 or $200 Rebate from Midmark without SpO2

The Iqvitals PC is perfect for the fully digital office without the added cost of an expensive touch-screen or digital display.

This promotion from Midmark is valid for purchases between February 2, 2015 to May 29, 2015. For more information about this promotion, click here. Take advantage of this offer before it is to late.

Trending Physician Office Equipment March 02 2015

When we at MonsterMed see a spike in sales for a certain product or product line, our sales team spends time examining the product(s) to determine new trends in healthcare. We thought we would share a few of these products to help you stay on top of what’s popular in medical offices, like yours, across the U.S. 

Littmann Stethoscopes

Since adding Littmann Stethoscopes to our online store, the orders have been pouring in. We contribute this to the Littmann Brand, which is widely known in the medical industry as the most preferred brand of stethoscopes available. With the Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope as the flagship product, it is easy to understand why. The Cardiology III is specially designed for improved acoustic performance and exceptional adaptability. A wide variety of tubing colors allow the user to showcase their personality, improving patient comfort. In addition to the Littmann brand name, MonsterMed continues to keep our prices consistently low with Free Shipping. With more Littmann Stethoscopes joining our offering soon, we are sure that this will be one of our most popular lines available. 

Enthermics Blanket Warmers

Steadily gaining in popularity on MonsterMed are Enthermics Blanket Warmers. These elegant looking warmers give hospitals and clinics a low cost convenient place to store and keep their blankets warm. A warm blanket will ensure a comfortable, pleasant patient experience and improve their satisfaction. With an Enthermics Blanket Warmer, customers can be assured that blankets will be kept at the proper temperature and readily available. Combine these features with MonsterMed’s lowest prices online, customers cannot find a more practical purchase. 

MonsterMed strives to bring our customers the most popular medical equipment products for the lowest prices online. And that goes for all product we offer! We also work to bring the best possible customer service and up-front order status to all orders no matter the size. Give us a chance with your next purchase, you won’t regret it!