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Riester Ri-Thermo N Infrared Tympanic Thermometer

$ 74.00$ 62.45

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This tympanic thermometer has a new ergonomic design, and is perfect for uncomplicated use in medical practices, hospitals, and in the home. This product excels in reliability, safety, and simplicity, as well as speed; it can measure the body temperature of children and adults easily in seconds. And because of its innovative design, it can also measure the temperature of surfaces, rooms, and bathwater, as well. The temperature values are displayed in a range from 0 to 100 °C or on the corresponding scale in ° Fahrenheit.

The temperature values are easy-to-read, thanks to this product's large LCD display with backlighting. It even works in the dark! It can display up to 12 stored temperatures, and temperature curves can be plotted retrospectively or different measured values compared, so pateitns can be monitored even more closely.

This thermometer lets out an acoustic sound when it's done measuring a patient's temperature and also if it detects a feverish temperature, and it furthermore has an energy-saving automatic switch-off function. Also, it comes with a hygienic storage container with probe covers. It is clinically validated and is supplied with batteries.

Riester is synonymous with high-quality, and this thermometer does not disappoint.