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Hearing Screeners and Tympanometers

A Hearing Screener is a device used to measure otoacoustic emissions, or sounds produced from within the inner ear.  Upon inner ear damage, these emission cease thus identifying types of hearing loss.  OAE Hearing Screeners are used often to measure hearing in infants since the test is easy to perform and non-invasive, and since infants are too to perform traditional hearing tests.  Most hospitals offer an OAE hearing test for parents prior to leaving with their newborn.

Tympanometry is testing used to calculate the function of the middle ear. It gives a relationship of air pressure in the external ear canal to resistance of movement of the ear drum. The information that a Tympanometer receives, translates this resistance of the middle ear to the physician allowing them to rule out the presence of otitis media, tympanic membrane perforation or Eustachian tube dysfunction.