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Bovie DERM101 High Frequency Desicator

$ 616.97

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The DERM101 High Frequency Desiccator is carefully designed to give physicians the ability to perform in-office, minor skin procedures such as the removal of skin tags, benign lesions and premalignant lesions. It offers 10 watts of monopolar power that are adjustable in 1/10 watt increments with the 3-button handpiece or the rotary dial. DERM101 carries a reasonable price allowing smaller offices to perform these minor procedures, improving patient care at the time of the visit and increasing practice revenue.

This is a Restricted Product

This product can only be purchased by a physician. Prior to shipment of this product we will require our Authorization Form to be filled out, signed and sent back to us with a copy of a state medical licence. Click here to download the Authorization form

The Bipolar Kit Includes: DERM102 Desiccator, A827V Bipolar Cable, A803 Footswitch and an A823 Reusable Bi-Polar Forcep.


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