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First Crush Electronic Pill Crusher System

$ 310.00$ 295.00

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The First Crush Electronic Pill Crusher is the first fully-automated pill crusher in the industry. It has been specially designed to aid caregivers and individuals with the agonizing task of crushing medications. The First Crush will painlessly and effortlessly crush your medications into a fine powder. If you can push a button, you can operate the First Crush Electronic Pill Crusher.

The specialized RX cups allow for accurate dosage. You can crush, mix and serve all in the same cup avoiding multiple transfers of medication. By being able to do everything in the same cup, nothing is wasted. This is also a great way to eliminate cross-contamination.

The First Crush has two settings, giving you the ability to have an even finer grind than standard. Being able to obtain a fine powder, lowers patient rejection or clogging of feeding tubes. Again, less waste.