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Midmark Ritter 625 Power Exam Table

$ 9,191.00$ 7,049.99 + Freight Charges

GPO Pricing

The Exam Table of the Future!

A Medical Exam Table that can connect with EMR and Diagnostic Devices sounds like something in the movies. The Midmark 625 Power Exam Table truly is the future of medical exam tables. Through the optional IQhub USB Hub, the Midmark 625 can connect to your office EMR allowing Midmark IQ diagnostic devices such as IQecg, IQspiro and IQvitals to access the EMR directly through the table.

The Midmark 625 has a 650 lb weight capacity and can lower to an 18" height, making the 625 Exam Table accessible for just about everyone. The 18" low height gives elderly, expecting mothers and disabled patients the ability to get on the table without assistance from caregivers. 

OB offices will benefit from the Midmark 625 Power Exam Table, thanks to its standard features like stirrups, power height and back, 7 degree pelvic tilt and drawer warmer. Expecting Mothers will have no trouble getting on the 625 Exam Table because of the low 18" height. Combine that with the standard premium upholstery and you have one comfortable and happy mother.

IQhub and IQscale (optional)

IQhub and IQscale allow you to focus more time on patients and less time on updating patient records. Midmark Diagnostic products such as IQecg, IQspiro and IQvitals can access your EMR directly through the IQhub. This keeps records up to date and error free.


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