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Midmark VistaCool Direct-To-Drain System

$ 662.00$ 549.99

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VistaCool is designed to reduce the high temperature of the condensation discharge from Midmark Autoclaves eliminating  the need for condensate bottles and tanks and enabling sterilizer wastewater to be sent down the drain automatically. VistaCool eliminates the physical risk of emptying steaming hot bottles manually while preventing the build-up of mold, mildew, rot and rust inside expensive sterilization cabinets which can be caused by spills. VistaCool reduces the temperature of sterilizer wastewater before disposing of it keeping your drain pipes from melting. 

  • Protect staff by eliminating hazardous handling of hot condensate tanks
  • Reduce sterilizer maintenance – saving time and effort
  • Prevent autoclave wastewater from melting plumbing
  • Protect drains with built-in backflow prevention (meets or exceeds local plumbing codes)
  • Help prevent mold and mildew caused by spills and exhaust from condensate tanks
  • Help protect cabinets from rot and rust by sending cooled wastewater directly and safely to the drain

VistaCool is designed to work with the M3 Automatic Autoclave, but can be used with the M9 or M11 units as well (adapter required). 

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