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Nicolet ImexDop CT+ Portable Counter-Top Doppler

$ 976.00$ 796.65

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The Nicolet ImexDop CT+ Doppler offers the same quality as our popular handheld dopplers, with even more features like the easy-to-use touch controls and the smart-charging stand. Interchangeable obstetric and vascular probes give you the flexibility to meet specific requirements. Built in dual speakers provide superb sound quality plus the size of the unit helps protect against misplacing or theft. At a lightweight of 2.7 lbs, this unit is extremely portable for anyone in the office.The Nicolet ImexDop CT+ Doppler features a digital readout that calculates the fetal heart rate or pulse, thus there is no need for a watch. Nicolet's autocorrelation tracks the heart rate sounds and vascular blood flow for accurate readings everytime.

Interchangeable Probes

2 MHz Probe - has deeper penetration, best used for larger women or women later in their pregnancy, also available in waterproof
3 MHz Probe - shallow penetration which is used in the early stages of pregnancy
5 MHz Probe - used to access both deep and superficial arteries and veins for systolic blood pressures, vessel patency and hard-to-find vessels
8 MHz Probe - use for the same things as the 5 MHz but for more specific vessel assessment