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Welch Allyn CP150 ECG

$ 3,220.00

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The Welch Allyn CP150 ECG is one of the newest members to the Welch Allyn line. The CP150 ECG offers a variety of features, which help improve test accuracy and speed. The 7” touch-screen display and keyboard make imputing information a snap, and taking ECG readings with a touch of a button.

The CP150 ECG has on-screen prompts to help the operator navigate through the test. This will minimize training and save time, getting patients in and out quicker.

Each lead connection is identified by the CP150. This allows for fast and accurate correction safeguarding from in-accurate results.

The CP150 ECG feature USB and Ethernet connectivity, which allows you to transfer or edit patient data in the CardioPerfect Workstation.

The CP150 ECG with Interpretation features the MEANS ECG Interpretive Analysis giving you a silent second opinion with adult and pediatric criteria.

NEW Optional Spirometry allows the user to perform two tests with one device. With the optional spirometry,  the CP150 can perform FVC and pre-/post-BD Testing with automatic interpretation and reversibility analysis. You can now perform spirometry tests typically required for health and safety purposes including ATS and NIOSH.

Accessories Included:

  • 100 Disposable Tab Electrodes) and 10  Adaptors or 6 Suction Cups and 4 Limb  Clamps
  • ECG cable, AHA or IEC
  • Local power cord
  • Long-lasting Lithium Ion battery
  • ECG Cable (AHA or IEC)
  • Z-fold paper
  • Dust cover
  • Comprehensive Directions for Use, Quick Reference and Getting Started Guide


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